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Cette zone est la source d'aide principale pour les nouveaux utilisateurs de FreeCAD.

Veuillez noter que tout comme FreeCAD, ces pages sont en développement continuel. FreeCAD contient déjà plusieurs outils intéressants pour l'utilisateur final, et de nouveaux outils sont régulièrement ajoutés. Ceci explique que certaines pages de la documentation soient manquantes ou désuètes.

Mais ne découragez-vous pas, consultez le contenu de cette section, et si vous ne trouvez pas l'information que vous cherchez, n'hésitez pas à demander ! Parmi les développeurs ou la petite mais grandissante communauté d'utilisateurs FreeCAD, il s'en trouvera certainement un qui vous aidera. Vous pouvez laisser des commentaires sur la page de discussion du Carrefour des utilisateurs, ou encore poser votre question sur le forum de discussion francophone FreeCAD.

And if you have some information you would like to appear here, why not contribute and help us make this manual grow. Editing wiki pages is easy, This page will help you to get started.

Using FreeCAD


Basic Application


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Reason for deletion: This template is no longer used. Any page that refers to the workbenches should create a link to Workbenches where this information is placed.

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Online Help

This is the official FreeCAD online help. Please note that the whole online help system is currently in rework. It will be used to generate a .CHM file, that will be distributed with the binary packages of FreeCAD. At the moment the online help summarizes some of the most complete sections of this wiki.


  • The Power users hub is the place to go if you would like to see more advanced use of FreeCAD
  • David is a very low cost 3D scanning system that can already work well with FreeCAD
  • Architecture workflow : An example of how FreeCAD can begin to have its preliminary place in an architecture workflow...
  • If you would like to help FreeCAD, head to the Help FreeCAD page.
  • The free-cad:Community Portal lists projects made by community members around FreeCAD.
  • The Wished tools page lists CAD tools that end-users would like to see in FreeCAD. Why not add yours there?

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