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Drawing objects

These are tools for creating objects.

  • Draft Line.png 2-point Line: Draws a line segment from 2 points
  • Draft Wire.png Wire (multiple-point line): Draws a line made of multiple line segments
  • Draft Circle.png Circle: Draws a circle from center and radius
  • Draft Arc.png Arc: Draws an arc segment from center, radius, start angle and end angle
  • Draft Rectangle.png Rectangle: Draws a rectangle from 2 opposite points
  • Draft Polygon.png Polygon: Draws a regular polygon from a center and a radius
  • Draft BSpline.png BSpline: Draws a B-Spline from a serie of points
  • Draft Text.png Text: Draws a multi-line text annotation
  • Draft Dimension.png Dimension: Draws a dimension annotation

Modifying objects

These are tools for modifying existing objects. They work on selected objects, but if no object is selected, you will be invited to select one.

  • Draft Move.png Move: Moves object(s) from one location to another
  • Draft Rotate.png Rotate: Rotates object(s) from a start angle to an end angle
  • Draft Offset.png Offset: Moves segments of an object about a certain distance
  • Draft Upgrade.png Upgrade: Joins objects into a higher-level object
  • Draft Downgrade.png Downgrade: Explodes objects into lower-level objects
  • Draft Trimex.png Trim/Extend (Trimex): Trims or extends an object
  • Draft Scale.png Scale: Scales selected object(s) around a base point
  • Draft Edit.png Edit: Edits a selected object
  • Draft PutOnSheet.png Drawing: Writes selected objects to a Drawing sheet
  • Draft Shape2DView.png Shape 2D View: Creates a 2D object which is a flattened 2D view of another 3D object