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This tool has been deprecated in version 0.15 because of the switch to the new C++-based spreadsheet workbench. This functionality will be reintroduced at a later time.

Spreadsheet PropertyController.png Spreadsheet PropertyController

Menu location
Spreadsheet → Property Controller
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Spreadsheet Controller


This tool adds a new property controller object to a selected spreadsheet object. The controller can then manage a certain property of a certain object, and update it with the value of a cell from the spreadsheet, whenever that cell changes.

How to use

  1. Select an existing spreadsheet object
  2. Press the Spreadsheet PropertyController.png Property Controller button
  3. Adjust the needed properties


  • DATATarget Type: The type of item to control: a property of the target object, or a datum-based constraint if the target object is a sketch
  • DATATarget Object: The object to be controlled
  • DATATarget Property: The name of the property to control, or the number of the datum-based constraint
  • DATACell: The cell from the host spreadsheet to take the value from


Spreadsheets can be created from python scripts and macros using the makeSpreadsheetPropertyController() function:

 import Spreadsheet
 mySpreadsheet = Spreadsheet.makeSpreadsheet()
 controller = Spreadsheet.makeSpreadsheetPropertyController(mySpreadsheet)


  • This tool is not available below FreeCAD version 0.14
  • Currently it is not possible to undo the changes that a controller does to its controlled object.