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 h English (en)* [[Image:Arch_Panel.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel|Panel]]: Creates a panel object from a selected 2D object
* [[Image:Arch_Panel_Cut.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel_Cut|Panel Cut]]: Creates a 2D cut view from a panel {{Version|0.17}}
* [[Image:Arch_Panel_Sheet.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel_Sheet|Panel Sheet]]: Creates a 2D cut sheet including panel cuts or other 2D objects {{Version|0.17}}
* [[Image:Arch_Nest.png|32px]] [[Arch_Nest|Nest]]: Allow to nest several flat objects inside a container shape {{Version|0.17}}
 h French (fr)* [[Image:Arch_Panel.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel/fr|Panel]]: Crée un objet de panneau à partir d'un objet 2D sélectionné.
* [[Image:Arch_Panel_Cut.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel_Cut/fr|Panel Cut]]: Crée une vue en coupe 2D à partir d'un panneau {{Version/fr|0.17}}
* [[Image:Arch_Panel_Sheet.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel_Sheet/fr|Panel Sheet]]: Crée une feuille de découpe 2D comprenant des découpes de panneau ou d'autres objets 2D {{Version/fr|0.17}}
* [[Image:Arch_Nest.png|32px]] [[Arch_Nest/fr|Nest]]: Permet d'imbriquer plusieurs objets plats dans une forme de conteneur {{Version/fr|0.17}}
 h Italian (it)* [[Image:Arch_Panel.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel/it|Pannello]]: Crea un oggetto pannello basato su un oggetto 2D selezionato
* [[Image:Arch_Panel_Cut.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel_Cut/it|Sagoma pannello]]: Crea una vista in 2D di un pannello {{Version/it|0.17}}
* [[Image:Arch_Panel_Sheet.png|32px]] [[Arch_Panel_Sheet/it|Foglio pannello]]: Crea un singolo foglio 2D con le sagome o altri oggetti 2D {{Version/it|0.17}}
* [[Image:Arch_Nest.png|32px]] [[Arch_Nest/it|Nido]]: Consente di nidificare diversi oggetti piatti all'interno di una forma contenitore {{Version/it|0.17}}