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 h Bulgarian (bg)===За проекта FreeCAD===
 h Czech (cs)===O projektu FreeCAD===
 h German (de)===Über das Projekt FreeCAD===
 h English (en)===About the FreeCAD project===
 h Spanish (es)=== Acerca del proyecto FreeCAD ===
 h French (fr)===A propos du projet FreeCAD===
 h Croatian (hr)===O FreeCAD projektu===
 h Italian (it)=== Informazioni sul progetto FreeCAD ===
 h Japanese (ja)===About the FreeCAD project===
 h Korean (ko)===FreeCAD 프로젝트에 대해===
 h Polish (pl)===O projekcie FreeCAD===
 h Portuguese (pt)Sobre o projeto FreeCAD
 h Romanian (ro)===Despre proiectul FreeCAD===
 h Russian (ru)===О проекте FreeCAD ===
 h Turkish (tr)===FreeCAD projesi hakkında===
 h Chinese (zh)===关于FreeCAD项目===
 h Chinese (China) (zh-cn)===关于 FreeCAD 项目===