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 h English (en)The A2plus workbench is an [[External workbenches|external workbench]] to assemble different parts in FreeCAD.
 h French (fr)L'atelier A2plus est un [[External workbenches/fr|atelier externe]] de Freecad qui permet l'assemblage de plusieurs pièces.
 h Italian (it)A2plus è un [[External workbenches/it|ambiente esterno]] per assemblare parti differenti in FreeCAD.
 h Russian (ru)Верстак A2plus - это [[External workbenches| внешний верстак]] для создания сборок деталей в FreeCAD.
 h Simplified Chinese (zh-hans)A2plus工作台是[[External workbenches/zh-hans |外部工作台]],用于在FreeCAD中的不同零件组装成一个部件。