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Sketcher NewSketch.svg Sketcher NewSketch

Menu location
Sketch → Create sketch
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Sketcher MapSketch, Sketcher Reorient


This will create a new sketch.

Note that the PartDesign workbench has its own new sketch command, when using PartDesign it is preferable to use its own dedicated tool.

How to use

Clicking on the icon without a face (pre-)selected will pop up a dialog asking if the sketch should be drawn on the

  • XY-Plane
  • XZ-Plane
  • YZ-Plane

You can change an offset to any of the three planes and the side of the offset.

Clicking on the icon with a (pre-selected) face will cause the sketch to be mapped to the selected face.


The sketch can be re-mapped to another already existing face using the Map Sketch - Command.

The sketch can be moved in the 3D-Space using Placement.