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{{GuiCommand|Name=Robot RestoreHomePos|Workbenches=[[Robot_Workbench|Robot]]|MenuLocation=Robot → Restore home position}}
|Name=Robot RestoreHomePos
|Name/tr=Robot Ana konuma dön
|MenuLocation=Robot → Ana konuma dön

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Robot RestoreHomePos.svg Robot Ana konuma dön

Menü konumu
Robot → Ana konuma dön
Varsayılan kısayol
Versiyonda tanıtıldı
Ayrıca bkz


Lets the selected robot move to its home position.


  1. Select robot in the tree-view or in the 3D-view
  2. Click on Robot RestoreHomePos.png or choose RobotRobot RestoreHomePos.png Move to home from the top menu.


Command allows only for one robot to set its home position.
If no or more than one robot is selected you will be prompted to choose only one robot.
If no home position has been specified via Robot_SetHomePos the position of the robot as inserted in the scene will be used as home position.