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刀具表编辑器用来编辑包含在[[Path Job|刀路作业]]中机加项目刀具表中不同的刀具. 该刀具表被包含在项目中于不同操作使用以获取当前刀具这一必要信息。
刀具表编辑器用来编辑包含在[[Path Job|刀路作业]]中机加项目刀具表中不同的刀具. 该刀具表被包含在项目中于不同操作使用以获取当前刀具这一必要信息。
It serves for the selection of a tool which you want to use in your job as well.

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刀具表编辑器用来编辑包含在刀路作业中机加项目刀具表中不同的刀具. 该刀具表被包含在项目中于不同操作使用以获取当前刀具这一必要信息。



The handling is straight forward:

  • Import...: Imports a tooltable from an XML-file.

This is currently partly broken and does not work if you have never had an xml file before.

  • Export...: Exports the tooltable to an XML-file.
  • New Tool: opens a dialog where you can enter the parameters of your tool. See Path NewTool
  • Delete: deletes the currently selected lines.

The tools are deleted from your tooltable even if you cancel the dialog


  1. Select a Path Job
  2. Press the Path ToolLibraryEdit.png Tool Manager button
  3. Create new tools or adjust the properties of existing tools.
    Set at least the diameter, FreeCAD needs it to calculate the radius compensation. As of version 0.17 this is the only value used for path creation. However, if you wish to use the simulation tool later, add cutting edge angle and cutting edge height as well.


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