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A parametric truncated Part Cone primitive is available in the Part workbench from the Part tool bar, Part menu (primitives sub-menu) and the Create Primitives dialogue.

How to use

In the workbench Part click on the cone icon Part Cone.png.

The default values create a truncated parametric cone, defined by radius1, radius2 height and angle, parameters. The default cone will be positioned at origin (point 0,0,0) on creation. The angle parameter permits the creation of a portion of cone (it is set to 360° by default), and the radius 1 and 2 correspond to base and top radius of the truncated cone.


PartConeProperty en.png


  • Radius 1 - radius of the arc or circle defining the lower face
  • Radius 2 - radius of the arc or circle defining the upper face
  • Height - the height of the Part Cone
  • Angle - the number of degrees of the arc or circles defining the upper and lower faces of the truncated cone. The default 360 creates circular faces, a lower value will create a portion of a cone as defined by upper and lower faces each with edges defined by an arc of the number of degrees and two radii.

The image below shows a Part Cone with the parameter "Angle" set to 270 degrees and all other parameters are at their default values.

Otherwisedefault270degree Part Cone.png