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FreeCAD 是通用且开源的 Open Source 三维 CAD/MCAD/CAx/CAE/PLM 建模工具, 目标直指 机械工程产品设计,也面向更广泛的工程应用,例如建筑或其他工程领域。FreeCAD 以参数化特征建模为核心功能,基于模块化的软件架构而实现,可在不改动系统核心的的前提下进行功能扩展。

FreeCAD 建立于强大的几何核心 OpenCasCade 之上,采用 Coin 3D 提供的与 Open Inventor 兼容的三维场景模型,并提供丰富的 Python 应用程序接口,其图形交互界面基于 Qt 实现。FreeCAD 能够确保在 Windows, Mac OS X 与 Linux 平台上运行时用户交互界面的一致性。

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  • Feature1.jpg
    基于 Open CASCADE Technology 的完整的几何核心,对 brep, nurbs, 布尔运算与倒角 (fillet) 等概念提供原生支持,可完成复杂形状类型的三维运算

  • Feature6.jpg
    支持以插件(模块)形式对核心功能进行扩展的模块化的软件架构。所实现的扩展可以像一个全新的应用程序那样复杂,也可像 Python 脚本 或所录制的 macros 那样简单


  • Feature7.jpg
    具备约束求值的 草图 (Sketcher) 模块,以实现具有几何约束的二维形状草图建模。目前 草图模块支持多种几何约束类型,可使用它们作为 FreeCAD 中其他对象的构建基础。

  • Feature8.jpg
    工程制图 (Drawing sheets)模块,用于生成三维模型的二维视图,并能以 SVG 或 PDF 格式输出。该模块虽然仍缺乏许多功能,但是已经具备了强大的 Python 接口支持。

  • Feature9.jpg
    A 机器人仿真模块,可用于研究机器人运动。该模块目前已具备一个宽泛的图形界面,可仅仅通过图形交互界面进行机器人运动仿真。

  • Feature-raytracing.jpg

  • Feature-arch.jpg
    建筑模块,支持 BIM 风格的工作流程,并兼容 IFC。建筑模块的设计与实现还在社区讨论阶段,见这里


The FreeCAD manual is a work-in-progress community effort to provide state-of-the-art documentation about using FreeCAD, and is already available in several languages. It still lacks much information, so feel free to join and contribute!


About the development

Check the Development roadmap for news about what is being planned, the Changelog and Roadmap mantis pages to see the progresses towards next release, or the Project statistics for even more information about the FreeCAD codebase. All the development communication happens on the forum, so be sure to visit it if you are interested in participating.

Source code

FreeCAD can be compiled using cMake or autotools, the subversion link is and there are build instructions for Windows, Unix/Linux and MacOSX.

Help wanted

FreeCAD would benefit greatly from your help, for example by testing and reporting bugs, or helping with extending and bettering the documentation destinated to newcomers, for example by writing or recording tutorials. Another problem we have, is lack of people to build and test FreeCAD on Mac OSX. If you have a mac, please help us! You are also welcome to help translating FreeCAD in your language. If you can program in C++ or Python, there is plenty to do, drop us a note on the forum!

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