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=== 官方 Ubuntu 仓库 ===
=== 官方 Ubuntu 仓库 ===
FreeCAD is available from Ubuntu repositories and can be installed via the Software Center or with this command in a terminal:
FreeCAD 存在于 Ubuntu 的仓库并且能通过软件中心安装或者在命令行环境下执行这个命令:
sudo apt-get install freecad
sudo apt-get install freecad

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现在这个安装 FreeCAD 的方法在大部分已知的 Linux 系统中已经被社区认可,并且 FreeCAD 可以直接通过包管理工具直接安装到你的发行版上。FreeCAD 团队在新版本发布时也提供了一些 "官方" 包,而且还有一些为了测试最新特性的实验性 PPA 仓库。

一旦你成功安装 FreeCAD,请阅读 入门!

Ubuntu 及 Ubuntu 派生系统

很多 Linux 发行版是基于 Ubuntu 并且共享它的仓库。除了官方的变种版本(Kubuntu, Lubuntu 及 Xubuntu),还有非官方的发行版,例如 Linux Mint,Voyager和其它的。以下的安装参数应该兼容以上这些系统。

官方 Ubuntu 仓库

FreeCAD 存在于 Ubuntu 的仓库并且能通过软件中心安装或者在命令行环境下执行这个命令:

sudo apt-get install freecad

But chances are this stable version will be outdated, and not have the latest features. To get the last release version, please use the PPA.

Stable PPA with GUI

To install FreeCAD using the PPA, from the graphical interface, please follow those instructions. The FreeCAD community provides a PPA repository on Launchpad with the latest stable FreeCAD version.

You need to add to your system's Software Sources the following PPA. To do that navigate to Ubuntu Software Centre > Edit > Software Sources > Other Software. Click on add and copy and past the code below:


Refresh your software sources, if asked. Now, you can find and install the last stable FreeCAD version on the Ubuntu Software Center.

For more information on PPA, click here: Definition of PPA (Personal Package Archive) on help.ubuntu.com.

Stable PPA with console

Type, or copy-paste, these commands in a console to add the PPA:

For the "stable" PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freecad-maintainers/freecad-stable

Don't forget to retrieve the updated the package lists:

sudo apt-get update

Update synchronizes your list of available packages with the servers.

Then, install FreeCAD along with the documentation:

sudo apt-get install freecad freecad-doc && apt-get upgrade

Upgrade downloads and installs the newest packages version of the installed programs. It will be applied to all the softwares installed on your computer.

Execute this command to open the stable version of FreeCAD:


Daily PPA with console

If you want to install the last unstable version of FreeCAD, please use the PPA named "freecad-daily" PPA repository on Launchpad. This way you can access the bleeding edge of FreeCAD development. This PPA is automatically compiled daily from the official FreeCAD's master branch repository. It will usually contain numerous bug fixes and feature updates.

For the daily PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freecad-maintainers/freecad-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install freecad-daily && apt-get upgrade

Execute this command to open the daily build of FreeCAD:


Debian and other debian-based systems

Since Debian Lenny, FreeCAD is available directly from the Debian software repositories and can be installed via synaptic or simply with:

sudo apt-get install freecad


FreeCAD is typically installed with:

zypper install FreeCAD


FreeCAD can be built/installed simply by issuing:

emerge freecad


If you find out that your system features FreeCAD but is not documented in this page, please tell us on the forum!

Many alternative, non-official FreeCAD packages are available on the net, for example for systems like slackware or fedora. A search on the net can quickly give you some results.

Manual install on .deb based systems

If for some reason you cannot use one of the above methods, you can always download one of the .deb packages available on the Download page.
Linux.png Ubuntu 32/64bit AppImage-logo.png AppImage 64bit

Once you downloaded the .deb corresponding to your system version, if you have the Gdebi package installed (usually it is), you just need to navigate to where you downloaded the file, and double-click on it. The necessary dependencies will be taken care of automatically by your system package manager. Alternatively you can also install it from the terminal, navigating to where you downloaded the file, and type:

sudo dpkg -i Name_of_your_FreeCAD_package.deb

changing Name_of_your_FreeCAD_package.deb by the name of the file you downloaded.

After you installed FreeCAD, a startup icon will be added in the "Graphic" section of your Start Menu.

Installing on other Linux/Unix systems

Unfortnately, at the moment, no precompiled package is available for other Linux/Unix systems,so you will need to compile FreeCAD yourself.

Installing Windows Version on Linux

See the Install on Windows page.

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