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The image module manages different types of bitmap images, and lets you open them in FreeCAD.

Currently, the modules lets you open .bmp, .jpg, .png and .xpm file formats in a separate viewer window.

The image workbenches also allows you to import an image on a plane in the 3D-space of FreeCAD. This function is available via the second button of the image workbench. Image Import.png.
The imported image can be attached like a sketch to one of the main three planes (XY/XZ/YZ) with positive or negativ offset.
This function is only available if you have opened a FreeCAD document.

The image can be moved in 3D-space by editing the placement in the Property editor.
The major use is tracing over the image, in order to generate a new part at using the image as template.

The image is imported with 1 pixel = 1mm. Therefore it is recommended to have the imported image in a reasonable resolution. The image can be scaled by editing the "XSize" and "YSize" values in the Property editor. The image can be also moved by editing the X/Y/Z-values in the Placement-Tab. The image can also be rotated around any axis by using the placement-dialogue.

Tracing with sketcher elements over an image works best if the image has a small (negative) offset to the sketch plane.
You can set an offset of -0,1 mm at import or later by editing the placement of the image.


Image Import.png Image Import