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FreeCAD 是面向 CAD/CAE 的参数化建模应用程序。目前 FreeCAD 仍在开发阶段,因此不建议在生产中使用它。不过,如果你对 FreeCAD 感到好奇并且想看看它已经具备了哪些功能,欢迎你下载试用。现在,许多功能已经实现,只是有许多功能尚未集成至用户界面。这意味着如果懂得一些 Python 编程知识,你就能够使用 Python 脚本很容易的生成或修改复杂的几何模型了。如果不懂 Python 也没关系,FreeCAD 的现有功能对你应该也有所帮助。请耐心等待,这种状况不久便会有所改善。

在使用过程中,如果你有一些反馈意见或建议,请发到 FreeCAD 论坛中,我们一起商讨!


首先要下载并且安装 FreeCAD,详请可参考下载页面。目前已分别为 Windows (.msi), Ubuntu & Debian (.deb), openSUSE (.rpm) 以及 Mac OS 等操作系统提供了安装包。

FreeCAD 概览

FreeCAD 首次运行时的界面,在屏幕截图页面有更多的图片可供浏览。

FreeCAD 是以通用为目的的三维建模应用程序,主要面向机械工程及相关领域,例如建筑或其他专业领域。在设计上,FreeCAD 被定位为三维应用程序通用的开发平台,也可用于完成一些特定任务。对于这一目的,FreeCAD 的用户界面被划分为一系列的工作台。这些工作台所包含的工具可在用户界面中全部显示,也可以仅显示面向特定任务的那部分工具,或者显示一组任务对应的工具。

因此,FreeCAD 的界面可描述为一个非常简单的容器,该容器具备菜单栏、三维观察区以及用于显示场景与对象信息的边栏面板。边栏面板中的内容可跟随具体的工作台作相应的切换。

第一次运行 FreeCAD 时,所显示的是一个“通用”的工作台,称为“完全工作台”(Complete workbench)。这个工作台简单的聚合了其他工作台业已成熟的工具。由于 FreeCAD 非常年轻,不适于在非常特殊的工作中使用,这个完全工作台可让 FreeCAD 现已具备的功能一览无余。这些工具对于创建一些基本的几何模型已经相当可用了。

Navigating in the 3D space

FreeCAD has two different navigation modes availables, that can be set in the preferences settings dialog. In the default mode, zooming is made with the Mouse wheel, panning with the Middle mouse button, and rotating with the Left mouse button and Middle mouse button simultaneously. Selecting an object is made simply by clicking on it with the Left mouse button, with CTRL pressed if you want to select several objects.

You also have several view presets (top view, front view, etc) available in the View menu and on the View toolbar, and by numeric shortcuts (1, 2, etc...)

Workbench Draft.png 2D Drafting

This template is now obsolete and is directly include in the original page Draft_Module

All adding or modification must be done in the original page Draft_Module


Drawing objects

These are tools for creating objects.

  • Draft Line.png Line: Draws a line segment between 2 points
  • Draft Wire.png Wire: Draws a line made of multiple line segments (polyline)
  • Draft Circle.png Circle: Draws a circle from center and radius
  • Draft Arc.png Arc: Draws an arc segment from center, radius, start angle and end angle
  • Draft Ellipse.png Ellipse: Draws an ellipse from two corner points
  • Draft Polygon.png Polygon: Draws a regular polygon from a center and a radius
  • Draft Rectangle.png Rectangle: Draws a rectangle from 2 opposite points
  • Draft Text.png Text: Draws a multi-line text annotation
  • Draft Dimension.png Dimension: Draws a dimension annotation
  • Draft BSpline.png BSpline: Draws a B-Spline from a series of points
  • Draft Point.png Point: Inserts a point object
  • Draft ShapeString.png ShapeString: The ShapeString tool inserts a compound shape representing a text string at a given point in the current document
  • Draft Facebinder.png Facebinder: Creates a new object from selected faces on existing objects
  • Draft BezCurve.png Bezier Curve: Draws a Bezier curve from a series of points
  • Draft Label.png Label: Places a label with an arrow pointing to a selected element introduced in version 0.17

Modifying objects

These are tools for modifying existing objects. They work on selected objects, but if no object is selected, you will be invited to select one.

  • Draft Move.png Move: Moves object(s) from one location to another
  • Draft Rotate.png Rotate: Rotates object(s) from a start angle to an end angle
  • Draft Offset.png Offset: Moves segments of an object about a certain distance
  • Draft Trimex.png Trim/Extend (Trimex): Trims or extends an object
  • Draft Upgrade.png Upgrade: Joins objects into a higher-level object
  • Draft Downgrade.png Downgrade: Explodes objects into lower-level objects
  • Draft Scale.png Scale: Scales selected object(s) around a base point
  • Draft PutOnSheet.png Drawing: Writes selected objects to a Drawing sheet
  • Draft Edit.png Edit: Edits a selected object
  • Draft WireToBSpline.png Wire to BSpline: Converts a wire to a BSpline and vice-versa
  • Draft AddPoint.png Add point: Adds a point to a wire or BSpline
  • Draft DelPoint.png Delete point: Deletes a point from a wire or BSpline
  • Draft Shape2DView.png Shape 2D View: Creates a 2D object which is a flattened 2D view of another 3D object
  • Draft Draft2Sketch.png Draft to Sketch: Converts a Draft object to Sketch and vice-versa
  • Draft Array.png Array: Creates a polar or rectangular array from selected objects
  • Draft PathArray.png Path Array: Creates an array of objects by placing the copies along a path
  • Draft Clone.png Clone: Clones the selected objects
  • Draft Mirror.png Mirror: Mirrors the selected objects
  • Draft Stretch.png Stretch: Stretches the selected objects introduced in version 0.17

Utility tools

Additional tools available via right-click context menu, depending on the selected objects.


Workbench Part.png Creating 3D Parts

Template:Part Tools

Exporting to 2D Drawings

This template is now obsolete and is directly include in the original page Drawing Module

All adding or modification must be done in the original page Drawing Module


These are tools for creating, configuring and exporting 2D drawing sheets

  • Drawing New.png Open scalable vector graphic: Opens a drawing sheet previously saved as an SVG file
  • Drawing Landscape A3.png New A3 landscape drawing: Creates a new drawing sheet from FreeCAD's default A3 template
  • Drawing View.png Insert a view: Inserts a view of the selected object in the active drawing sheet
  • Drawing Annotation.png Annotation: Adds an annotation to the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Clip.png Clip: Adds a clip group to the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Openbrowser.png Open Browser: Opens a preview of the current sheet in the browser
  • Drawing Orthoviews.png Ortho Views: Automatically creates orthographic views of an object on the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Symbol.png Symbol: Adds the contents of a SVG file as a symbol on the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing DraftView.png Draft View: Inserts a special Draft view of the selected object in the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing SpreadsheetView.png Spreadsheet View: Inserts a view of a selected spreadsheet in the current drawing sheet
  • Drawing Save.png Save sheet: Saves the current sheet as a SVG file
  • Project Shape: Creates a projection of the selected object (Source) in the 3D view.

Exporting to external renderers

This page will be deleted by an administrator!

Reason for deletion: No pages link to this template so it can be deleted. The tools have been integrated into the main document Raytracing Workbench.


And finally, one of the most powerful features of FreeCAD is the scripting environment. From the integrated python console (or from any other external python script), you can gain access to almost any part of FreeCAD, create or modify geometry, modify the representation of those objects in the 3D scene or access and modify the FreeCAD interface. Python scripting can also be used in macros, which provide an easy method to create custom commands.

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