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Drawing SpreadsheetView.png Drawing SpreadsheetView

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Drawing → Spreadsheet View
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Cet outil vous permet de placer une vue d'une feuille de calcul sélectionnée dans une page Drawing.

Drawing spreadsheetview.jpg


  1. Select a spreadsheet you wish to put on a drawing sheet
  2. Press the Drawing SpreadsheetView.png Drawing SpreadsheetView button


  • DATACell Start: The top left cell of the cells range to be included in this view
  • DATACell End: The bottom right cell of the cells range to be included in this view
  • DATAFont: The name of the font used for texts
  • DATAColor: The color of lines and texts that have no color specified in the spreadsheet
  • DATAFont Size: The font size of texts
  • DATALine Width: The width of the cell borders

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