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Snäppa innebär att din nästa 3d punkt "klistras" på en existerande punkt.

Draft Snap example.jpg

Available snap locations

  • Snap Midpoint.png Midpoint: the middle point of line and arc segments
  • Snap Perpendicular.png Perpendicular: on line and arc segments, perpendicularly to the latest point
  • Snap Grid.png Grid: the nodes of the Draft grid, if visible.
  • Snap Intersection.png Intersection: the intersection of 2 line or arc segments. Hover the mouse over the two desired bjects to activate their intersection snaps
  • Snap Parallel.png Parallel: on an imaginary line parallel to a line segment. Hover the mouse over the desired object to activate its parallel snap
  • Snap Endpoint.png Endpoint: the endpoints of line, arc and spline segments
  • Snap Angle.png Angle: the special cardinal points of circles and arcs, at 45° and 90°
  • Snap Center.png Center: the center point of arcs and circles
  • Snap Extension.png Extension: on an imaginary line that extends beyond the endpoints of line segments. Hover the mouse over the desired object to activate its extension snap
  • Snap Near.png Near: the closest point on the nearest object
  • Snap Ortho.png Ortho: on imaginary lines that cross the last point, and extend at 0°, 45° and 90°
  • Snap Dimensions.png Dimensions
  • Snap WorkingPlane.png Restrict to working plane: always places the snapped point on the current working plane, even if you snap to a point outside that working plane.


  • Snap Lock.png Lock: turns snapping on/off globally
  • Certain additional snap locations can be obtained by combining 2 snap locations, such as ortho + extension, that will give you a snap point at the intersection of their imaginary lines.
  • Other, more complex snap locations can also be obtained by using constraining (by pressing SHIFT or X or Y or Z while drawing).
  • Pressing L while drawing locks the current angle of the line segment being drawn.
  • The maximum distance at which a point is snapped a snap location is specified in the preferences, and can also be changed on-the-fly by pressing [ or ] keys.
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