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Untuk mulai dengan FreeCAD, lanjutkan ke artikel berikutnya tentang langkah - langkah proses instalasinya.
{{Docnav|Online Help Startpage|Installing}}
{{Docnav|Online Help Startpage|Installing}}
{{languages | {{cn|About_FreeCAD/cn}} {{de|About_FreeCAD/de}} {{en|About_FreeCAD/en}} {{es|About_FreeCAD/es}} {{fr|About_FreeCAD/fr}} {{it|About_FreeCAD/it}} {{jp|About_FreeCAD/jp}} {{pl|About_FreeCAD/pl}} {{ru|About_FreeCAD/ru}} {{se|About_FreeCAD/se}} {{tr|FreeCAD Hakkında}} }}
{{languages | {{cn|About_FreeCAD/cn}} {{de|About_FreeCAD/de}} {{es|About_FreeCAD/es}} {{fr|About_FreeCAD/fr}} {{id|About_FreeCAD/id}} {{it|About_FreeCAD/it}} {{jp|About_FreeCAD/jp}} {{pl|About_FreeCAD/pl}} {{ru|About_FreeCAD/ru}} {{se|About_FreeCAD/se}} {{tr|FreeCAD Hakkında}} }}
[[Category:User Documentation]]
[[Category:User Documentation]]

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the FreeCAD interface
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