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Questa è una raccolta di guide video realizzate dagli utenti e dagli sviluppatori di FreeCAD. Per altri link guardare nel subforum Tutorials and videos forum. Un'altra utile fonte di video tutorial è YouTube.

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Part Design

Video che riguardano la modellazione di varie parti utilizzando workbench come Part, PartDesign e Sketcher. Alcuni di questi sono stati registrati molto tempo fa, ma sono ancora rilevanti.

  • Invent Box Tutorials playlists: many videos of different design programs including GIMP, Krita, Inkscape, Blender, KiCad, and FreeCAD.
    • Learn FreeCAD: FreeCAD 0.17, a series of 15 videos by Invent Box Tutorials in English. This series introduces many common tools used in PartDesign and the Path Workbench to model a part suitable for manufacturing: sketches, extrude, loft, sweep, mirror, linear and polar patterns, boolean operations, helix, toolpaths, pocket cutting, drilling, engraving, post processing and cutting.
  • AllVisuals4U playlists: various videos on modelling and 3D software, including Blender, FreeCAD, and 3D printing. Some videos may be outdated.
    • 3D MODELING | FREECAD: FreeCAD 0.17 and 0.18, a series of 22 videos of modeling objects like footwear, a spoke wheel, a bicycle seat, an ice scraper, a pair of sunglases, a table, a watering can, a lampshade, a dustpan, a vase for water, a cocktail glass, a wall clock, a pen holder, a printable chair, a birthday cake, and others. It also shows how to model objects for 3D printing, and to export to Blender.
    • FreeCAD Tutorials - GENERAL: FreeCAD 0.16, a series of 28 short videos on general aspects of FreeCAD; for example, it shows how to change units, background color, the splash screen, constraints, set perspective view, set transparency, change the size of toolbar icons, prepare for 3D print, and extrude text. Some more advanced instructions include how to do logo design, metal bending, and assembly. Most videos describe FreeCAD 0.16, but since they don't focus on modelling aspects, the information is generally applicable for other versions.
  • da mathcodeprint: Un numero di playlist CAD correlate per FreeCAD 0.17 (tra le altre) che vanno da alcune Basic Part Design, a Shed Framing e un'interessante piccola serie di sfide dal subReddit CAD su Reddit.
  • Mecatrónica LATAM playlists: various videos on using 3D modellers, including FreeCAD, in Spanish.
    • FreeCAD Tutorial: FreeCAD 0.18, a series of 7 videos showing how to model various objects: basic tubular structures, pipe connections, an open ended spanner, a bolt and a nut.
  • German_Plasma_CNC playlists for FreeCAD, CNC, G-code, Blender, and other topics. Mostly in German, some videos in English.
    • FreeCAD Deutsch 2019: a series of 53 videos in German dealing with building shapes and preparing them for CNC manufacturing. Some topics include: preparing a job, simulating, postprocessing, milling the profiles, pocketing, drilling, engraving, and editing the tools.
    • FreeCAD English: a series of 4 videos in English with some tips of working with FreeCAD.

Disegno tecnico

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)


Una serie di video "Render Solidworks and FreeCAD Models in Blender", da Joko Engineering.

Progettazione architettonica

  • UH Studio Design Academy playlists: many videos on architectural design using Blender and FreeCAD, by UH Studio Design Academy.
    • Freecad: FreeCAD 0.18, a series of 7 videos that present various aspects of architectural modeling, parametric building massing, introducing FreeCAD to architects and Revit users, using sketches and parametric relationships, and comparisons with grasshopper and Catia.
    • Introduction to FreeCAD for architects and Revit users, Part 1, Part 2

Finite element (FEM) simulation


Video obsoleti

In FreeCAD 0.17 the PartDesign Workbench received important updates that change the way solids are created with respect to previous versions. New users should watch videos for versions 0.17 and above to understand the concept of working with a PartDesign Body and datum objects.

Questi video sono stati realizzati molti anni fa e potrebbero non essere più pertinenti.

  • Cad1919 Tutorials: several playlists starting with downloading and installing 0.15.4671 on Windows 8, FreeCAD Part Design / Sketcher basics, and moving on to more advanced models. The GUI is in Chinese or Japanese but the videos have graphics added so they can still be followed by someone unfamiliar with cad1919's language.