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This documentation page is in need of updating. The video list needs to be reviewed, new videos added, dead links removed. Please help us update this page!

This page presents a selection of video tutorials made by FreeCAD users and developers. Visit the Tutorials and videos subforum for more links. A useful source of video tutorials is YouTube.

Visit tutorials for high quality written tutorials. A complete, unsorted list of tutorials can be found in Category:Tutorials.

Visit offsite tutorials for lists of tutorials hosted on external sites.

If you'd like to contribute with writing wiki documentation and tutorials, see the general wiki guidelines in WikiPages, and read the tutorial guidelines.

Please notice the version of FreeCAD used in the tutorial as some tutorials may use an old version of the program. Although the general modelling process may still work, some tools may have changed.

Part design

Videos that go through modeling of various parts using workbenches such as Part, PartDesign and Sketcher. Some of them were recorded a long time ago, but are still relevant.

  • Cad1919 Tutorials: several playlists starting with downloading and installing 0.15.4671 on Windows 8, FreeCAD Part Design / Sketcher basics, and moving on to more advanced models. The GUI is in Chinese or Japanese but the videos have graphics added so they can still be followed by someone unfamiliar with cad1919's language.
  • from mathcodeprint: A number of CAD related playlists for FreeCAD 0.17 (amongst others) ranging from some Basic Part Design, to Shed Framing and an interesting small series of challenges from the CAD subReddit on Reddit.


A series of videos "Render Solidworks and FreeCAD Models in Blender", by Joko Engineering.

Architectural design

Technical Drawing

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)


Outdated Videos

These videos were made many years ago, and may not be relevant anymore.