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Example: making puzzle

  1. Switch to Sketcher Workbench, create an new sketch. Draw a rectangle that will outline the overall shape of the puzzle. Close the sketch.
    Slice example step1.png
  2. Switch to Part workbench. Select the sketch, and pick Part->Create face from sketch (in menu).
    Slice example step2.png
  3. Switch to Sketcher workbench, and create another sketch on the same plane. Using polyline tool, draw the lines that will split the puzzle into pieces.
    Slice example step3.png
  4. Switch to Part workbench. Select the splitter sketch, and apply Part Boolean Fragments. This will insert vertices where lines of splitter sketch intersect. Having them is essential for the next step to work.
    Slice example step4.png
  5. Select the rectangular face, and the BooleanFragments of splitter sketch, and apply Part Slice.
    Slice example step5.png
  6. Use Part ExplodeCompound on the sliced face, to break apart the compound made by Part Slice into individual pieces.