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Tool Description Tool Description
Arch Wall.png Wall Creates a wall from scratch or using a selected object as a base Arch Structure.png Structure Creates a structural element from scratch or using a selected object as a base
Arch Rebar.png Rebar Creates a reinforcement bar in a selected structural element Arch Floor.png Floor Creates a floor including selected objects
Arch Building.png Building Creates a building including selected objects Arch Site.png Site Creates a site including selected objects
Arch Window.png Window Creates a window using a selected object as a base Arch SectionPlane.png Section plane Adds a section plane object to the document
Arch Axis.png Axis Adds an axes system to the document Arch Roof.png Roof Creates a sloped roof from a selected face
Arch Space.png Space Creates a space object in the document Arch Stairs.png Stairs Creates a stairs object in the document
Arch Panel.png Panel Creates a panel object from a selected 2D object Arch Frame.png Frame Creates a frame object from a selected layout
Arch Equipment.png Equipment Creates an equipment or furniture object Arch SetMaterial.png Material Attributes a material to selected objects
Arch Schedule.png Schedule Creates different types of schedules Arch CutPlane.png Cut plane Cut an object according to a plan
Arch Add.png Add Adds objects to a component Arch Remove.png Remove Subtracts or removes objects from a component
Arch Survey.png Survey Enters or leaves surveying mode