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The following parameters can be specified in the Draft Preferences tab (Edit → Preferences → Draft):

  • Import/Export → Import style: This lets you choose the way objects from the svg file will be drawn in FreeCAD. You can choose between:
    • None: this is the faster way, there is no conversion, all objects will be black with 2px width (FreeCAD default)
    • Use default color and linewidth: All imported objects will take current linewidth/color from the draft command bar
    • Original color and linewidth: Objects will keep the color and linewidth (if specified) they have in the svg file
  • Import/Export → Export Style:
    • Translated: All elements are translated that their coordinates are positive. This should aid display and printing. The output coordinate system is not consistent between individually exported elements.
    • Raw: The position of all elements preserved. This intended for CAM usage for example in PyCAM. Layers or Slices exported individually will match.
  • General settings → Internal precision level:
    • This value is used to check if a bezier curve segment has to be considered a straight line. If you import detailed paths, like rendered text, you may want to increase this setting up to 6. If you are working with Inkscape please consider to raise the precision in the SVG file, well. (Inkscape Menu → File → Inkscape Preferences → SVG Output → Numeric Precision)