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  • Arch BuildingPart.png Building Part: Creates a building part including selected objects. Building parts are commonly used to represent levels
  • Arch Building.png Building: Creates a building including selected objects
  • Arch Site.png Site: Creates a site including selected objects
  • Arch Reference.png Reference: Links objects from another FreeCAD file into this document
  • Arch Wall.png Wall: Creates a wall from scratch or using a selected object as a base
  • Arch Structure.png Structural element: Creates a structural element from scratch or using a selected object as a base
  • Arch Rebar Straight.png Arch Rebar UShape.png Arch Rebar LShape.png Arch Rebar BentShape.png Arch Rebar Stirrup.png Arch Rebar Helical.png Arch Rebar.png Rebar: Creates a reinforcement bar in a selected structural element using a sketch. Requires the Reinforcement addon
  • Arch Window.png Window: Creates a window using a selected object as a base
  • Arch Pipe.png Arch PipeConnector.png Pipe tools: Creates pipes and corner or tee connection between 2 or 3 selected pipes
  • Arch Stairs.png Stairs: Creates a stairs object in the document
  • Arch Roof.png Roof: Creates a sloped roof from a selected face
  • Arch Panel.png Arch Panel Cut.png Arch Panel Sheet.png Panel tools: Creates panel objects, and 2D cutouts from these panels
  • BIM Library.png Arch Equipment.png Library: Inserts an equipment or furniture object. Requires the Parts Library addon
  • Arch Frame.png Frame: Creates a frame object from a selected layout
  • BIM Box.png Box: Draws a box by specifying its dimensions graphically
  • Part Shapebuilder.png Shapebuilder: A tool to create more complex shapes from various parametric geometric primitives
  • Draft Facebinder.png Facebinder: Creates a new object from selected faces on existing objects
  • Arch Space.png Space: Creates a space object in the document