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This template is now obsolete and is directly include in the original page

  • Workbench Arch.svg The Arch Workbench for working with architectural elements.
  • Workbench Complete.svg The Complete Workbench hold all commands and features from all the modules and workbenches which met certain quality criteria.
  • Workbench Draft.svg 2D skissning: En enkel arbetsbänk för 2D skissning
  • Workbench Drawing.svg Ritning: Hjälper dig att lägga dina 3D vyer på ett 2D pappersark
  • Workbench FEM.svg The FEM Workbench provides Finite Element Analysis (FEA) workflow.
  • Workbench Image.svg Bild: Hanterar Bitmappsbilder
  • Workbench Inspection.svg The Inspection Workbench is made to give you specific tools for examination of shapes. It is still in development.
  • Workbench Mesh.svg Nät: Hanterar triangulerade nät
  • Workbench OpenSCAD.svg The OpenSCAD Workbench for interoperability with OpenSCAD and repairing Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) model history.
  • Workbench Part.svg Del: Hanterar BREP objekt
  • Workbench PartDesign.svg The Part Design Workbench for building Part shapes from sketches.
  • Workbench Path.svg The Path Workbench is used to produce G-Code instructions. It is still in a stage of development. Only basic functions in 0.16
  • Workbench Plot.svg The Plot Workbench is used to edit and save output plots created from other modules and tools.
  • Workbench Points.svg Punkter: Låter dig arbeta med punktmoln
  • Workbench Raytracing.svg Rendering: Tillåter att du använder extern renderingsmjukvara
  • Workbench Reverse Engineering.svg The Reverse Engineering Workbench is intended to give you specific tools to convert shapes/solids/meshes into parametric FreeCAD-compatible features. It is still in development.
  • Workbench Robot.svg Robot simulering: Simulera 6-Axliga industrirobotar som Kuka, ABB och andra.
  • Workbench Ship.svg The Ship Workbench FreeCAD-Ship works over Ship entities, that must be created on top of provided geometry.
  • Workbench Sketcher.svg The Sketcher Workbench for working with geometry-constrained sketches.
  • Workbench Spreadsheet.svg The Spreadsheet Workbench for creating and manipulating spreadsheet data.
  • Workbench Start.svg The Start Center Workbench allows you to quickly jump to one of the most common workbenches.
  • Workbench TechDraw.svg The TechDraw Workbench is the more advanced and feature-rich successor of Drawing
  • Workbench Test.svg The Test Framework Workbench is for debugging FreeCAD.
  • Workbench Web.svg The Web Workbench provides you with a browser window instead of the 3D-View within FreeCAD.