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These are tools for creating primitive objects.

  • Part Box.png Box: Draws a box by specifying its dimensions
  • Part Cone.png Cone: Draws a cone by specifying its dimensions
  • Part Cylinder.png Cylinder: Draws a cylinder by specifying its dimensions
  • Part Sphere.png Sphere: Draws a sphere by specifying its dimensions
  • Part Torus.png Torus: Draws a torus (ring) by specifying its dimensions
  • Part CreatePrimitives.png CreatePrimitives: A tool to create various parametric geometric primitives
  • Part Shapebuilder.png Shapebuilder: A tool to create more complex shapes from various parametric geometric primitives

Modifying objects

These are tools for modifying existing objects. They will allow you to choose which object to modify.

  • Part Booleans.png Booleans: Performs boolean operations on objects
  • Part Union.png Union: Fuses (unions) two objects
  • Part Common.png Common: Extracts the common (intersection) part of two objects
  • Part Cut.png Cut: Cuts (subtracts) one object from another
  • Part JoinConnect.png Join features: smart booleans for walled objects (e.g., pipes) (v0.16)
    • Part JoinConnect.png Connect: Connects interiors of objects (v0.16)
    • Part JoinEmbed.png Embed: Embeds a walled object into another walled object (v0.16)
    • Part JoinCutout.png Cutout: Creates a cutout in a wall of an object for another walled object (v0.16)
  • Splitting tools: (v0.17)
    • Part BooleanFragments.png Boolean fragments: makes all the pieces that can be obtained by Boolean operations between objects (v0.17)
    • Part Slice.png Slice: Splits an object into pieces by intersections with another object (v0.17)
    • Part XOR.png XOR: removes space shared by even number of objects (symmetric version of Cut) (v0.17)
  • Compound
    • Part MakeCompound.png Make compound: Creates a compound from the selected objects.
    • Part CompoundFilter.png Compound Filter: The CompoundFilter can be used to extract the individual pieces.
  • Part Extrude.png Extrude: Extrudes planar faces of an object
  • Part Fillet.png Fillet: Fillets (rounds) edges of an object
  • Part Revolve.png Revolve: Creates a solid by revolving another object (not solid) around an axis
  • Part Section.png Section: Creates a section by intersecting an object with a section plane
  • Part SectionCross.png Cross sections...:
  • Part Chamfer.png Chamfer: Chamfers edges of an object
  • Part Mirror.png Mirror: Mirrors the selected object on a given mirror plane
  • Part RuledSurface.png Ruled Surface:
  • Part Sweep.png Sweep: Sweeps one or more profiles along a path
  • Part Loft.png Loft: Lofts from one profile to another
  • Offset tools:
    • Part Offset.png 3D Offset: Constructs a parallel shape at a certain distance from original.
    • Part Offset2D.png 2D Offset: Constructs a parallel wire at certain distance from original, or enlarges/shrinks a planar face. (v0.17)
    • Part Thickness.png Thickness: Hollows out a solid, leaving openings next to select faces.

Other tools

  • Part ImportCAD.png Import CAD: This tool allows you to add a file *.IGES, *.STEP, *.BREP to the current document.
  • Part ExportCAD.png Export CAD: This tool allows you to export a part object in a *.IGES, *.STEP, *.BREP file.
  • Part ShapeFromMesh.png Shape from Mesh: Creates a shape object from a mesh object.
  • Convert to solid: Converts a shape object to a solid object.
  • Reverse shapes: Flips the normals of all faces of the selected object.
  • Create simple copy: Creates a simple copy of the selected object.
  • Part RefineShape.png Refine shape: Cleans faces by removing unnecessary lines.
  • Part CheckGeometry.png Check geometry: Checks the geometry of selected objects for errors.
  • Measure: Allows linear and angular measurement between points/edges/faces.