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TechDraw ShowAll.svg TechDraw ShowAll

Menu location
TechDraw → ShowAll
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Introduced in version
See also
Change Appearance of Line(s)


The ShowAll tool shows or hide invisible lines in a View. Note that "invisible" is a cosmetic state, not to be confused with hidden lines which are geometric constructs.


  1. Select a View on a Page or in the tree.
  2. Press the TechDraw ShowAll.svg Show/Hide Invisible Edges button
  3. The state of the invisible lines in the View will be reversed.


The ShowAll tool has no properties, as it is not a Document Object.


See also: TechDraw API and FreeCAD Scripting Basics.

The effect of the ShowAll tool can be duplicated in macros or the Python console.

>>> v = App.ActiveDocument.View
>>> vvo = v.ViewObject
>>> vvo.ShowAllEdges = True
>>> App.activeDocument().recompute()