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Std DlgMacroRecord.svg Std DlgMacroRecord

Menu location
Macro → Macro recording ...
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Execute macro


This function records a macro, all operations you made in 3D space.

It is accessible via Macro → Macro recording, or via Std DlgMacroRecord.png Macro recording button in the macro toolbar Macros toolbar.jpg.


Start the function with one of these methods before. The following window appears:

Macro recording

  • Macro name: Enter the name of the new macro.
  • Macro path: Path macro library. To change the path, click ... .
  • Record: Record the macro. Starts recording of everything that is done later. The button Std MacroStopRecord.svg Stop the macro recording session in the macros toolbar Macros toolbar.jpg turn green Std MacroStopRecord.svg.
  • Stop: Stop recording the macro.
  • Cancel: Cancels and closes the window.

Once completed click Std MacroStopRecord.svg Stop the macro recording session to stop recording the macro.

The macro can be called through Macro → Macros..., or with the Std DlgMacroExecuteDirect.svg Execute this macro button in the macro toolbar to be executed or modified as you want


Click the button Std DlgMacroRecord.png enter a name for the macro and validate, open a document, create a cube, change the color stop the macro with the button Std MacroStopRecord.svg.

The macro is available in your macros directory.