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Std ClippingPlane.png Std ClippingPlane

Ansicht → Schnittebene‏‎
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Eine Schnittebene ist eine Ebene, die den Objektraum in zwei Halbräume teilt. Alle Objektteile in einem Halbraum sind sichtbar, Teile des anderen Halbraums sind unsichtbar. Die Objekte sehen aufgeschnitten aus und interne Details werden sichtbar. Die Schnittebene wird durch das AnsichtSchnittebene-Menü aktiviert.

Show non hollow solid

By default solids cut with Clipping Plane are shown as hollow. To show non hollow solids a workarounds could be used. Change the lighting of the solids from Two Side to One Side. Then the inner part of the solid will be dark and not look hollow. To do this change property View → Base → Lightning to One side for parts you want to show as non hollow.

Another possibility would be to leave the Lightning Two Sided and change the color of the inner solid by activating Edit → Preferences → Display → Enable backlight color. But with this the shading effect will be still there. See Forum Thread Clipping Plane Always Shows Model as a Shell?

ToDoFreeCAD 0.13 version and latest

Set a standard plane

ClippingPlane1 it.png



  • Offset: Offset
  • Flip: reverses the view direction

Set a definite plane

ClippingPlane2 it.png

Personalized plane

Obsolete Version


Selection of the object


Change the direction of the plane


Scale the plane


Move the plane


Move the plane from the object


Position of the object in the property editor