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Sketcher AlterConstruction.svg Sketcher ToggleConstruction

Menu location
Sketch → Sketcher geometries → Toggle construction geometry
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This tool toggles sketch geometry from/to construction mode. It can be used on any type of geometry: line, arc or circle.

Construction geometry is an important tool of the sketcher. When using a sketch for a 3D operation, construction geometry is ignored.

In sketch edit mode, construction geometry is shown as blue, and won't turn green when a sketch is fully constrained. Once you exit the sketch mode, construction geometry is hidden in the 3D view.

Construction lines can be used as rotation axis by the PartDesign Revolution feature.

Sketcher ConstructionMode fr 01.png

How to use

  • Select one or more sketch geometry in the 3D view, then click on the tool or access it in the menu.


Use Construction mode on some sketch elements,

Sketcher ConstructionMode fr 01.png

and once you leave the sketcher editing mode, geometry that was turned into construction have become invisible in the 3D view (but are still present in the Sketcher editing mode).

Sketcher ConstructionMode fr 02.png