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Sketcher Move.svg Sketcher Move

poziția meniului
Sketch → Sketcher tools → Move
Ctrl + M
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A se vedea, de asemenea,
Clonă, Copiere


Moves the selected sketch elements from one point to another, using the last selected point as reference.

Sketcher move.png

The sequence of clicks is indicated by yellow arrows with numbers. Select element A; see a vector line indicated by two red lines from pivot point A pointing to mouse position number 2. Move the mouse pointer to the target location 3 and see the element now as B autoconstrained on point 3.

How to use

  1. Select the sketch elements for the move operation.
  2. Press the Sketcher Move.svg Move button.
  3. Click on a point or a location in empty space to move the elements to their new location. The existing constraints move as well.
  4. If you want to detach an element and move freely, delete its locking constraints and drag with mouse.

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