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Drawing dimensioning workbench for FreeCAD v0.15 or later. Take note that this workbench is experimental and still contains bugs.

Intended work-flow:

  • create a drawing page and a drawing of the part using the drawing workbench
  • switch to the drawing dimensioning workbench to add dimensions to that drawing


  • linear dimensioning
  • circular and radial dimensioning
  • angular dimension
  • center lines
  • adding, editing and moving dimension text
  • deleting dimensions
  • Draw a dimension or a symbol anywhere on the drawing with "Add grab point"


  • No parametric updating, if the drawing is updated the dimensions need to be redone
  • only works with FreeCAD version 0.15+



Automatic installation

See Installing

From GitHub



Linux Installation Instructions (From GitHub)

To use this workbench clone this git repository under your FreeCAD MyScripts directory, and install the pyside and numpy python libraries. On a Linux Debian based system such as Ubuntu, installation can be done through BASH as follows

$ sudo apt-get install git python-numpy python-pyside $ mkdir ~/.FreeCAD/Mod $ cd ~/.FreeCAD/Mod $ git clone

Once installed, use git to easily update to the latest version:

$ cd ~/.FreeCAD/Mod/FreeCAD_drawing_dimensioning $ git pull $ rm *.pyc

Windows Installation Instructions (From GitHub)

Tested with 015.4415 Development Snapshot on a Windows 7 64bit-System (thanks BPLRFE )

  • download the git repository as ZIP
  • assuming FreeCAD is installed in "C:\PortableApps\FreeCAD 0_15", go to "C:\PortableApps\FreeCAD 0_15\Mod" within Windows Explorer
  • create new directory named "DrawingDimensioning"
  • unzip downloaded repository in "C:\PortableApps\FreeCAD 0_15\Mod\DrawingDimensioning"

FreeCAD will now have a new workbench-entry called "DrawingDimensioning".

Pyside and Numpy are integrated in the FreeCAD dev-Snapshots 0.15, so these Python packages do not need to be installed individually.

To update to the latest version, delete the DrawingDimensioning folder and redownload the git repository.

Mac Installation Instructions (From GitHub)

Copy or unzip the drawing dimensioning folder to the directory

where is the folder where FreeCAD is installed. (thanks PLChris)

Setting your dimensioning preferences

Unit preferences are taken from the General unit preferences (excluding number of decimal places!). To set unit preferences goto edit -> preferences -> general -> units

To set up your desired dimensioning style

  1. open FreeCAD
  2. switch to the Drawing dimensioning workbench
  3. edit -> preferences -> drawing dimensioning




  • DrawingDimensioning LinearDimension.png Linear Dimension: adds linear dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning LinearDimensionStack.png Linear Dimension Stack: adds linear dimension stack
  • DrawingDimensioning CircularDimension.png Circular Dimension: adds circular dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning RadiusDimension.png Radius Dimension: adds radius dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning AngularDimension.png Angular Dimension: adds radius dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning CenterLines.png Center Lines: shows center lines (axes)
  • DrawingDimensioning CenterLine.png Center Line: shows center line (axis)
  • DrawingDimensioning NoteCircle.png Note Circle: creates a notation indicator
  • DrawingDimensioning GrabPoint.png Grab Point: adds grab point to draw a free dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning TextAdd.png Text Add: adds text to drawing
  • DrawingDimensioning ToleranceAdd.png Tolerance Add: adds tolerance super and subscript to dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning TableAdd.png Table Add: adds table to drawing
  • DrawingDimensioning DeleteDimension.png Delete Dimension: deletes a dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning EscapeDimensioning.png Escape Dimensioning: escapes dimensioning
  • DrawingDimensioning RecomputeDimensions.png Recompute Dimensions: recomputes dimensions
  • DrawingDimensioning UnfoldFaces.png Unfold Faces:
  • DrawingDimensioning BendingNote.png Bending Note:
  • DrawingDimensioning CenterView.png Center View: centers a view on its page
  • DrawingDimensioning ExportToDxf.png Export To Dxf: alternative dxf export command
  • DrawingDimensioning LineWithArrow.png Line With Arrow: welding/grove symbols command
  • DrawingDimensioning Help.png Help:


  • DrawingDimensioning DrawLine.png Draw Line
  • DrawingDimensioning TextEdit.png Text Edit
  • DrawingDimensioning TextMove.png Text Move
  • DrawingDimensioning LandscapeNew.png Landscape New
  • DrawingDimensioning OrthoViews.png Ortho Views
  • DrawingDimensioning ShortcutSettings.png Shortcut Settings
  • DrawingDimensioning HalfLinerarDimension.png Half Linerar Dimension
  • DrawingDimensioning NewDrawingPage1.png New Drawing Page 1
  • DrawingDimensioning NewDrawingPage2.png New Drawing Page 2
  • DrawingDimensioning NewDrawingPage3.png New Drawing Page 3
  • DrawingDimensioning NewDrawingPage4.png New Drawing Page 4
  • DrawingDimensioning Preferences.png Preferences
  • DrawingDimensioning DrawingDimensioningIcon.png Drawing Dimensioning Icon



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