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This page tracks new features as they are added to the development version of FreeCAD, which is currently 0.19. When the 0.19 feature freeze happens, delete these messages, and don't add more features to this page. FreeCAD 0.19 is expected to be released in 2020.

Are features missing? Mention them in the Release notes for v0.19 forum thread.

See Help FreeCAD for ways to contribute to FreeCAD.

Older FreeCAD release notes can be found in Feature list.


Python3 / Qt5

The effort to migrate from Python2 and Qt4 to Python3 and Qt5 is essentially complete and most developers have moved to the Python3 / Qt5 toolchains.

Undoubtedly there are unforeseen bugs and unanticipated breakages that will present themselves during the next development cycle or two, but any existing dependence on Python2 or Qt4 will not be supported moving forward. Note that some developers of certain workbenches have not yet ported to Python3 / Qt5. This may be caused by many things, including a lack of support, time, resources, or broken dependencies that may or may not be easily fixed. Individuals interested in the migration of a particular workbench or tool are encouraged to participate in the forums.


User Interface


  • Fixed broken support for INCH units when exoprting to STEP/IGES formats (Discussion) (Github)

Known Limitations

  • Black screen due to video card drivers + need thread references here (Bug #3939)
  • Setting Qt::AA_ShareOpenGLContexts for Qt5.9 (Discussion) (Github)
  • Disabled ESC button support in View3DInventor::keyEvent() for Qt5 to avoid MDI view mode-related rendering artifacts (Discussion) (Github)
  • Logitech Wingman USB joystick can cause erratic behavior in the view (Discussion)
  • Gesture navigation is fully supported for Windows but yet to be maintained for Linux or MacOS platforms. Problem: @DeepSOIC (dev) doesn't have a MacOS machine/trackpad and hasn't tested on Linux either. (thread)

Arch Workbench

Freecad-solar-diagram.jpg The Arch Site tool once more is able to produce sun path diagrams if the given latitude, longitude, and declination are provided. This requires Pysolar 0.7 or above, and only works with Python 3.
(Forum discussion)
Arch Site Compass.png The Arch Site tool now can display a compass to show the direction of the "true North" (declination) in the model. By the default, North is aligned to the Y axis. This is useful when working in real world coordinates.
(Forum discussion)
Arch SectionPlane ClipView.png The Arch SectionPlane tool now has the ability of clipping the view, to act as a camera.
(Forum discussion)
Arch Fence example.png The Arch Fence tool was added to produce fence objects starting from a post and a path.
(Forum discussion)
Arch Rebar Orientation4.png Miscellaneous improvements in the Reinforcement Addon that extends the Arch Rebar tool. The intention is to facilitate the automatic creation of simple and complex rebars.
(Forum discussion)

This development was carried out as a Google Summer of Code 2019 project: Suraj_Dadral/gsoc_proposal

Draft Workbench

V0ODfsN9nY.gif New Edit Improved mode to edit shapes by directly manipulating the nodes.

(animated gif image)

Draft 3rd degree bezier.gif Create 3rd degree Bezier curves in Draft similar to Inkscape.

(animated gif image)

Draft Arc 3Points example.png New Draft Arc 3Points tool creates circular arcs by specifying three points through which the arc passes.
Draft layers.png Replaces Draft VisGroup, providing a layer system familiar to other CAD systems. Supports adding objects by drag-and-drop, controls object visibility and, optionally, object color.

(Discussion) (Gihub)

Other Changes
Renamed DWire to PolyLine


FEM Workbench

Part Workbench

New Face method : aFace.cutHoles(list_of_wires) to cut holes into a face. (The face usually needs to be validated after operation)

PartDesign workbench

Path Workbench

Sketcher Workbench

Spreadsheet Workbench

Surface Workbench

TechDraw Workbench

Hypno sameSize.png Improved scaling support for viewport geometry added as an image to a drawing


Techdraw balloon.png Added balloon decorators for Techdraw notes


Techdraw leaderline.png Added support for leader lines and rich text formatting


Cosmetic dimension.png Support for "cosmetic" dimensioning, which is not based on existing geometry


Cosmetic eraser.png Mask portions of a drawing and add centerlines to faces


Other TechDaw Changes

Material Handling

Additional Modules

discussion github
A new workbench to assemble different parts in FreeCAD. It is an extension of the Assembly2 workbench providing an extended color and transparency handling for parts and a new constraint using the center of mass of parts.


- improved pointOnPlane constraint: As point definition a sphere (it's center) can be used.
- improved pointOnLine constraint: As point definition a sphere can be used and as line definition an axis of a cylinder. (This allows more constraining to spheres)

Scripting based on the CadQuery CAD scripting API. A new code editor is available and script variables can be edited dynamically through a parameter dialog. The workbench also supports normal file operations for CadQuery scripts (open, new, close, etc), and example scripts to help users learn new concepts. Cadquery workbench.png
Civil Engineering/Transportation Workbench
A toolset for developing highway and railway designs, including horizontal alignments, vertical profiles, and 3D models
github discussion
A collection of tools to create and edit NURBS curves and surfaces. Sw2r-3.jpg
Defeaturing Workbench
discussion github
Edit imported STEP models and remove selected features from the model. Defeaturing workbench.png
Electromagnetic (EM)
Electromagnetic Screenshot EM window.png
Fasteners Workbench
discussion github details
Generate screws, bolts, washers, and other fasteners Fastener workbench.png
Flamingo Workbench
discussion github
A set of customized FreeCAD commands and objects that help to speed-up the drawing of frames and pipelines. FlamingoBlob.png
discussion github
Import Autodesk Inventor files (in progress). InventorLoader.png
KicadStepUp Workbench
discussion sourceforge
Provide support for KiCad and FreeCAD users in ECAD and MCAD collaboration. Kicad stepup.PNG
Lithophane Workbench
github discussion
Create Lithophanes by projecting images onto solid surfaces Lithophane Windmill.png
Manipulator Workbench
Tools to aid in part manipulation Manipulator workbench.png
discussion github Microelly's "FreeCAD Buch"
A collection of scripts for managing freeform surfaces and curves. Nurbs workbench.png
SheetMetal Workbench
Discussion (thread 1 | thread 2 | thread 3) github
Tools for designing and bending objects made from sheet metal Basebend-unfold.jpg
A collection of NURBS surface modeling tools focused on low degree and seam continuity. Silk Workbench.png
SQL Workbench
discussion github
Perform Structured Query Language (SQL) queries on FreeCAD document files to retrieve and report model data. SQL Workbench.png