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The preferences system of FreeCAD is located in the Edit menu → Preferences.

FreeCAD functionality is divided into different modules, each module being responsible for the working of a specific workbench. FreeCAD also uses a concept called late loading, which means that components are loaded only when they are needed. You may have noticed that when you select a workbench on the FreeCAD toolbar, that workbench and all its components get loaded at that moment. This includes its preferences settings.

Without any module loaded, you will have access to two configuration sections, responsible for the general application settings and for the display settings.

Clicking the Reset button in the lower left corner of any preferences display will set all of the FreeCAD preferences to their default values.

The general preferences settings

When you start FreeCAD with no workbench loaded, you will then have a minimal preferences window. As you load additional modules, new sections will appear in the preferences window, allowing you to configure the details of each workbench.


Preference General Tab 01.png


Preference General Tab 02.png


Preference General Tab 03.png

Output window

Preference General Tab 04.png


Preference General Tab 05.png


Preference General Tab 06.png

FreeCAD is always in constant evolution, so the contents of those screens might differ from the above screenshots. The settings are usually self-explanatory, so you shouldn't have any difficulty configuring FreeCAD to your needs.

The display settings

The display settings affect both the appearance of the display and the behavior of mouse gestures. General appearance and behavior are set on the 3D tab; colors may be modified on the Colors tab.

3D View settings

Zoom at cursor

If set, zoom operations will be centered at the position of the mouse pointer. If not set, zoom operations will be centered at the center of the current view.

Invert zoom

Inverts the direction of zoom operations.

Preference Display Tab 01.png


Preference Display Tab 02.png

Part colors

Preference Display Tab 03.png

Workbench preferences

Preferences for the more common workbenches are linked below. Some workbenches have no preferences. Other optional workbenches may not be listed.

Arch Preferences

Draft Preferences

Drawing Preferences (none)

Fem Preferences

Image Preferences (none)

Inspection Preferences (none)

Mesh Design Preferences (none)

OpenSCAD Preferences

Part Preferences (none)

Part Design Preferences (none)

Path Preferences

Plot Preferences (none)

Points Preferences (none)

Raytracing Preferences

Reverse Engineering Preferences (none)

Robot Preferences (none)

Ship Preferences (none)

Sketcher Preferences

Spreadsheet Preferences (none)

Surface Preferences (none)

TechDraw Preferences

Test Framework Preferences (none)

Web Preferences (none)