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Path Simulator.png Path Simulator

Menu location
Path → CAM Simulator
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Path Inspect


This tool allows Simulation of the Path Job by sweeping 3D Models of the Tools used in each Operation, along the G-Code paths, subtracting material from the Stock, where the stock and tool overlap, providing visualization of the Job. This allows detection and isolation of errors prior to running the Job on a mill.



  1. Press the Path Simulator.png CAM Simulator button
  2. De-select any Operations that are not to be simulated
  3. Tune the Speed and Accuracy settings.
  4. Select the Job for simulation from the drop menu.
  5. Press Play button to or play back an animation of the operations.
    Press the Fast Forward button to make it really fast even for complicated paths.
  6. Pause, and Single-Step functionality is provided for resolving specific cuts or movements.
  7. Clicking the Cancel button will remove the stock created for the simulation. If you click Ok this object will be kept in your Job.


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  • DATAPlayback Speed: The speed of the simulation playback, in G-Code lines/second
  • DATAAccuracy: The accuracy of the simulation expressed as a percentage indicating the simulations deviation from the Job. For interactive simulation, reducing accuracy to 0.3 works much faster.
  • DATAJob: The Job used as the basis of the simulation
  • DATAOperation List: The list of Operations selected for inclusion in the simulation.

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