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Path Pocket.png Path Pocket

Menu location
Path → Pocket Shape
Default shortcut
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This tool creates a pocketing operation from selected bottom faces or walls of one ore more pockets of the jobs base object.

The Path Pocket object is made to be part of a Path Job.

Path Pocket Shape.png


  1. Select the bottom or the wall(s) of a pocket. While it is usually easier to select the bottom, the walls have to be selected when a pocket goes through all.
  2. Press the Path Pocket.png Pocket Shape button
  3. Adjust the desired properties


Base Geometry

  • Add, if not allready done, the elements which should be the base for the path
    • you can also delete or change to other elements


  • DATAStart Depth: Starting Depth of Tool- starting depth in Z
  • DATAFinal Depth: Final Depth of Tool- lowest cutting level in Z
  • DATAFinish Depth: The hight of the last cutting level- set for a better finish
  • DATAStep Down: Step Down of Tool- the amount of material which will be removed at once


  • DATASafe Height: The hight above the workpeace where rapid motions are allowed.
  • DATAClearance Height: The height needed to clear clamps and obstructions


  • DATATool Controller: Defines the Tool controller used in the Operation
  • DATACut Mode: Specifies a CW or CCW move for the cut
  • DATAPattern: Select on which manner the horizontal movements should be done
  • DATAAngle: Select the path angle relativ to x axis
  • DATAStep Over Percent: Select the horizontal step over- 100% = tool diameter
  • DATAPass Extension: