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Path Drilling.png Path Drilling

Menu location
Path → Drilling
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The Drilling command generates a drilling Operation in the Job.


  • Select the Drilling tool from the Path->menu, or the GUI Button, and press.
  • Choose a Tool controller from the pop-up selection dialogue window and confirm by pressing OK.
  • The holes available for processing with that Tool diameter will populate the list in the Base Geometry tab. Confirm that the list matches the holes that are intended for processing, and adjust add, enable, or disable, as necessary. Holes can be added by selecting the wall faces of the Holes.
  • Ensure the Depths, Final Depth is correct, and adjust if not.
  • Ensure the Heights, Safe and Clearance Heights are correct, and adjust if not.
  • In the Operation tab, specify the Retract Height, the Peck Depth, and the Dwell period in seconds. Enable Peck, Dwell, and Use Tip Length if needed.

Peck disabled generates (G81 canned drill cycles). Peck enabled generates (G83 canned drill cycles). Dwell enabled is currently unsupported, but is intended to generate (G82 canned drill cycles).