Habillage Path Balises

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Path DressupTag.png Balises

Emplacement du menu
Path → Path Dressup → Tag Dress-up
Raccourci par défaut
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Path_DressupRampEntry, Path_DressupDogbone , Path_DressupDragKnife


Cet outil habille un parcours existant pour ajouter des balises d'attente


  1. Select a contour or profile path Path objects
  2. click the Path Dressup.png Tag Dress-up menu item


  • Angle - Controls the angle of plunge and ascent when a tag is crated.
  • Height - Controls the height of the tag top from the bottom of the profile cut.
  • Radius - Radius of the fillet for the tag.
  • Segmentation Factor - Number of segments to approximate a rounded tag
  • width - Overall width of the tag