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FreeCAD 是一个真正的跨平台应用程序,基于世界知名的 Qt 框架之上。这意味着 FreeCAD 外观和行为与在 Windows, Linux 和 Mac 上是一致的。然而,安装过程在每个操作系统上是有所不同的。在下面选择你的操作系统以获得更多细节关于如何安装 FreeCAD。

'Windows' 'Linux' 'Mac'
在 Windows 上安装 在 Linux/Unix 上安装 在 Mac 上安装


脱机文档不随所有安装程序一起发送, 并且可用作单独的包。请参阅此处 安装帮助文档

除了默认捆绑在 FreeCAD 的 工作台 以外,还有由社区成员制作的一堆很有用额外工作台和模块在网络持续增长。几个进行中的成果是收集它们和令它们方便地展示给你。下面是它们的列表。

因为这些工作台不是官方 FreeCAD 包并且没有被 FreeCAD 团队直接支持,所以你在安装它们之前应该先阅读每个扩展页上面的信息,以确定你知道你在安装些什么。并且,BUG 报告和特性请求应该直接写于每个扩展页上。

FreeCAD 扩展仓库

As of FreeCAD 0.17, the addons can be managed directly from the Tools menu, so there is no need to install the macro mentioned here.

通过 git submodules 系统(允许保证不变的更新内容)收集了有用的工作台。这个 FreeCAD 扩展仓库在 https://github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD-addons。这个仓库实现了一个可以从 FreeCAD 中启动的宏安装器,这样就能自动列举、下载和安装任何扩展。安装宏安装器:

With FreeCAD 0.17 and higher install use the Addon Manager.

  1. 右键点击 addons_installer.FCMacro 并且选择另存为...
  2. 放置下载后的宏到你的 FreeCAD 宏目录。FreeCAD 宏目录位置指示在菜单 Macros -> Macros -> User macros location

Macro installer 01.jpg

  1. 重启 FreeCAD。扩展安装器现在会展示在菜单 Macro -> Macros 中并且能通过选择它并点击 Execute 按钮操作:

Macro installer 02.jpg


这个插件加载器是一个用于安装和管理 FreeCAD 额外内容更精细的方式。通过以上的方法安装它,或者跟随下面的指令 pluginloader 页

The pluginloader addon has been superceded by the Addon Manager.


全部由 python 编程的外部工作台(它们现在几乎都在编写时使用此方式)能随时很容易地手工安装,简单地下载它们(通常只需要在每个 github 扩展页上点击 **Download ZIP** 按钮),并且放置它们到你的用户 FreeCAD/Mod 目录(或者宏目录,如果他们是宏)。参考每个扩展页的资料以获得更完整的步骤说明。

使用 32位系统 和 FreeCAD 0.16.6706 版本的用户说明


External software supported by FreeCAD

FreeCAD supports a whole lot of external software packages out of the box. This means, you just need to install the software and it will be automatically available, the next time you start it. There's no need to recompile it. This section aims to provide a list of all such software packages, together with some information of where it's used in FreeCAD and where you can grab them.

CAD Exchanger

A proprietary, closed source application for exchanging various file formats used in CAD. You can use it to convert proprietary, closed formats into a format which is accessible by FreeCAD. The homepage is at https://cadexchanger.com/ where you can download an evaluation version or purchase a license for the application.


CalculiX is a suite of two finite element packages:

  • CalculiX CrunchiX, or calculix-ccx, is a FEM solver.
  • CalculiX GraphiX, or calculix-cgx, is a GUI frontend to display the results of the solver.

Only the solver is supported by FreeCAD. It can be accessed from the FEM Workbench through Solve → Solver CalculiX. There's a standard and experimental solver supported by FreeCAD. CalculiX can be downloaded from http://calculix.de

DXF Importer

FreeCAD has a native importer and exporter for DXF files, programmed in C++. Currently this importer does not implement all features of the DXF format. If you rely on a not yet implemented feature, you enable an older python based importer/exporter through Edit → Preferences → Import-Export by activating the Use legacy python importer option. You can then choose to let FreeCAD automatically download the needed files or you can grab them from https://github.com/yorikvanhavre/Draft-dxf-importer. The chosen importer / exporter is used by selecting File → Import or File → Export and choosing the AutoDesk DXF 2D file format.


Elmer is a multi-physics simulation software, which was open sourced in 2005. In FreeCAD its Grid and Solver modules can be used by the FEM Workbench through Solve->Solver Elmer. The project's homepage is at https://www.elmerfem.org and it can be downloaded from GitHub at https://github.com/ElmerCSC/elmerfem/releases.


FEniCS is a computing platform to solve partial differential equations (PDEs), which are widely used when solving FEM problems. As such it can be used by the FEM workbench. FreeCAD can import and export FEniCS meshes through File → Import and File → Export by selecting the FEM mesh fenics file format. The homepage of FEniCS is at https://fenicsproject.org.


A python library which is used to interact with Git repositories. The feature is currently in development status in FreeCAD. The Addon Manager can use this library to import addons from a Git repository. The project is hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/gitpython-developers/GitPython.


A 3D automatic finite element mesh generator. It can be used in FreeCAD from the FEM workbench through Mesh → FEM mesh from shape by gmsh. The homepage of gmsh is at http://www.geuz.org/gmsh


GraphViz is an open source graph visualization software. In FreeCAD it is used to generate dependency graphs through Tools → Dependency Graph... Its homepage is at https://www.graphviz.org


IfcOpenShell is a library for working with the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format used in architectural design. It can be accessed from the Arch Workbench through Arch → Utilities → Ifc Explorer. It's homepage is at http://ifcopenshell.org


LuxCoreRender, also known as LuxRender, is one of two currently supported render engines in FreeCAD. It is used through the workflow on the Raytracing Workbench. Currently only the old and abandoned LuxRender-1.x is supported by FreeCAD. If you want help to update to the new LuxCoreRender-2, get in touch with the Raytracing project team. Downloads for LuxRender-1.6 can be grabbed from the LuxCoreRender GitHub release page at https://github.com/LuxCoreRender/LuxCore/releases. The homepage for the current LuxCoreRender project is at https://www.luxcorerender.org.

ODA File Converter

The ODA file converter is a proprietary, closed source, binary and freely available application to import and export DWG and DXF file formats. In FreeCAD it can be used from the File → Import and File → Export menus, when you select the AutoDesk DWG 2D file type. It can be downloaded from https://www.opendesign.com/guestfiles/oda_file_converter.


An open source library aiming to provide computer aided manufacturing (CAM) algorithms. It is used in FreeCAD in the Path Workbench. Its homepage is at http://www.anderswallin.net/CAM/.


A library for Field Operation and Manipulation (FOAM), which is needed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. As such, OpenFOAM is needed by the FEM workbench of FreeCAD. You can access it through the Model → Fluid constraints submenu. The project resides at https://openfoam.org.


The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller is another CAD software, based on Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG). This means, it can not handle meshes, but operates exclusively on solid geometry. FreeCAD can import and export files created from OpenSCAD through the File → Import and File → Export menus by the selecting the OpenSCAD CSG format or the OpenSCAD format file types. You can get OpenSCAD from https://www.openscad.org.


POVRay is a well-known raytracer which can render photorealistic images. It is one of two raytracers currently supported by FreeCAD in the Raytracing Workbench. You can download POVRay from https://www.povray.org.


Pycollada, also known as python-collada, is a Python library to read and write COLLADA documents, a standard for exchanging 3D scenes and elements. If it is installed you can import and export scenes to and from COLLADA files through the File → Import and File → Export commands by selecting the COLLADA file type. The project is hosted through GitHub at https://pycollada.github.io/ and you can download the releases at https://github.com/pycollada/pycollada/releases/


Z88 is another FEM program, containing a mesher, solver and converters, which can be used by FreeCAD's FEM workbench. It can be accessed through Solve-Solver Z88. Z88 distributes several packages, which all freely available, but are closed source. The Z88OS however, published under an open source license, is what is needed by FreeCAD. The homepage is at https://en.z88.de/. Z88OS is also hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/LSCAD/Z88OS if you want to compile it yourself.

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