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Power users have extended FreeCAD with various custom workbenches and addons that are not integrated into the FreeCAD source code but can be added to an existing FreeCAD installation.

Most extensions can be installed from the Addon Manager, menu Tools → Addon manager; specific instructions are provided in each extension page.

Current extensions


aims to implement complete Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools and workflow in FreeCAD. It builds on top of the Arch Workbench
provides tools to edit STEP models by removing selected features.
allows creation of container objects for holding custom properties.
EM Workbench
ElectroMagnetic Workbench for FastFieldSolvers free tools.
a set of customized FreeCAD commands and objects that help to speed-up the drawing of frames and pipelines.
Kicad StepUp
is aimed at helping both KiCad and FreeCAD users in collaborating with electrical (ECAD) and mechanical (MCAD) design.
augments the Arch Workbench with additional rebar tools.
provides tools to design and unfold sheet metal parts.
contains a series of tools to communicate with Web services from within FreeCAD.


As of FreeCAD 0.18 there is no official assembly workbench. However, several external tools have been created to manipulate objects to produce assemblies.

provides tools to create multi-part assemblies. Extending of the Assembly2 workbench.
provides tools to create multi-part assemblies.
is aimed to help FreeCAD users in aligning, moving, rotating and measuring 3D objects through a friendly GUI.
adds a wide range of helper objects such as alignment planes or axes, and tools to help you to position and align objects along those helper objects.

Deprecated extensions

Drawing Dimensioning
adds powerful dimensioning and annotation tools to the Drawing Workbench.

Missing documentation

(February 2019) These extensions lack documentation in this wiki. If you are the developer or a user of these addons, consider creating a page for them, or providing a link to their documentation
  • Assembly3
  • Bolts
  • Cfd
  • EaglePCB_2_FreeCAD
  • Gears
  • FreeCAD-CuraEngine
  • Animation
  • Lattice2
  • Exploded Animation
  • Fasteners
  • GeoData
  • Nurbs
  • Persistent toolbars
  • Retr3D
  • Timber