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Power users have extended FreeCAD with various custom external workbenches, that are not integrated into the FreeCAD source code (yet!), but are easy to install on an existing FreeCAD installation. Instructions are provided on the pages linked below:



The Assembly 2 workbench provides tools to create multi-part assemblies, and is a very good alternative for the official Assembly workbench which is still under development (see forum thread).

Assembly2 example.jpg

Drawing Dimensioning

The Drawing dimensioning workbench adds powerful dimensioning and annotation tools to the Drawing workbench (see forum thread).

Drawing Dimensioning example.jpg

Work Features

The WorkFeature macro adds a wide range of helper objects such as alignment planes or axes, and tools to help you to position and align objects along those helper objects (see forum thread).

See WF wf.png Macro WorkFeatures in the wiki.