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Draft Text.png Draft Text

Menu location
Draft → Text
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
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The Text tool inserts a piece of text at a given point in the current document. It takes the text size and color previously set on the Tasks tab.

Draft Text example.jpg

How to use

  1. Press the Draft Text.png Draft Text button, or press T then E keys
  2. Click a point on the 3D view, or type a coordinate
  3. Enter the desired text, pressing ENTER between each line
  4. Press ENTER twice to finish the operation.


  • Pressing CTRL will snap your point to available snap locations.
  • To enter coordinates manually, simply enter the numbers, then press ENTER between each X, Y and Z component.
  • Pressing ESC will cancel the operation.
  • When editing the text, pressing ENTER or DOWN ARROW allow you to enter or edit a next line of text.
  • Pressing UP ARROW allows you to edit a previous line of text.
  • Pressing ENTER twice (thus leaving the last line empty) adds the text to the document and closes the editor.


  • DATAPosition: The base point of the text block
  • DATALabel Text: The contents of the text block
  • VIEWDisplay Mode: Specifies if the text is aligned to the scene axes or always faces the camera
  • VIEWFont Size: The size of the letters
  • VIEWJustification: Specifies if the text is aligned to the left, right or center of the base point.
  • VIEWLine Spacing: Specifies the space between lines of text
  • VIEWRotation: Specifies a rotation to be applied to the text
  • VIEWRotation Axis: Specifies the axis to use for the rotation
  • VIEWFont Name: The font to use to draw the text. It can be a font name, such as "Arial", a default style such as "sans", "serif" or "mono", or a family such as "Arial,Helvetica,sans" or a name with a style such as "Arial:Bold". If the given font is not found on the system, a generic one is used instead.


The Text tool can by used in macros and from the python console by using the following function:

makeText (string or list, [Vector], [screenmode]) 
  • Creates a Text object, at the given point if a vector is provided, containing the string or the strings given in the list, one string by line.
  • The current Draft color and text height and font specified in preferences are used.
  • If screenmode is True, the text always faces the view direction, otherwise it lies on the XY plane.
  • Returns the newly created object.


import FreeCAD,Draft
Draft.makeText("This is a sample text",FreeCAD.Vector(1,1,0))