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Draft SelectPlane.png Draft SelectPlane

Menu location
Draft → Utilities → Select Plane
Draft, Arch
Default shortcut
See also
Draft SetWorkingPlaneProxy


The Draft module features a working plane system, that allows you to specify a custom plane in the 3D space on which next Draft command will occur. There are several methods to define the working plane:

  • From a selected face
  • From 3 selected vertices
  • From the current view
  • From a preset: top, frontal or lateral
  • None, in which case the working plane is adapted automatically to the current view when you start a command, or to a face if you start drawing on an existing face.

Workingplane example.jpg

How to use

  1. Press the Draft SelectPlane.png SelectPlane button. If your button doesn't look like this, see this note.


  • To set the workplane to existing geometry: select a face of an existing object in the 3D view, or, available in version 0.17

, with CTRL pressed, 3 vertices on any object(s). Then press the Draft SelectPlane.png SelectPlane button

  • Pressing the VIEW button will set the working plane as the view plane, perpendicular to the camera axis and passing through the (0,0,0) origin point.
  • Pressing the AUTO will unset any current working plane. The next 2D operations will be view-dependent.
  • You can also specify an offset value, which will set your working plane at a certain distance from the plane you select.
  • You can hide and show the grid with the shortcut GR


Working plane objects can easily be created and manipulated in scripts and macros. You can create your own, and use them independently of the current Draft working plane.


import WorkingPlane
myPlane = WorkingPlane.plane() 

You can also access the current Draft working plane:

import FreeCAD
draftPlane = FreeCAD.DraftWorkingPlane 

To move or rotate the Draft working plane (see the WorkingPlane API page for available methods):

import FreeCAD
from FreeCAD import Vector
FreeCAD.DraftWorkingPlane.alignToPointAndAxis(Vector(0,0,0), Vector(1,1,1).normalize(), 17) 

(note: a Draft command must have been issued to make grid adopt changes)

The working plane has a complete scripting API on its own, with convenience functions to position it and convert to/from placements.