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BIM Library.png BIM Library

Menu location
3D Modeling → Library
Default shortcut
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This command is part of the BIM AddOn, that you can install via menu Tools → Addons Manager


BIM Library screenshot.png

The Library tool allows you to place, in the current model, an object from the FreeCAD Parts Library, which must be installed via the Addon Manager for this tool to be available.

How to use

  1. Press the BIM Library.png BIM Library button
  2. Click a file from the library
  3. Double-click it or press the Insert button
  4. Click a point in the 3D view or enter a coordinate manually to place the object


  • FCStd, STEP and BREP files are supported. Only STEP and BREP files are placeable. FCStd files will not allow you to choose a placement, as they might be composed of a complex series of objects with significant positions. When choosing an FCStd file, its contents will be inserted at the position that is defined in the file.
  • STEP and BREP objects are inserted as Equipments with no separated base shape. Adding a base shape to these objects afterwards will destroy their current shape.
  • On placing an object, you can choose their insertion point between original (the (0,0,0) point defined in the file), top, middle, bottom and left, center and right.