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Arch ToggleIfcBrepFlag.svg Arch ToggleIfcBrepFlag

Menu location
Arch → Utilities → Toggle Ifc Brep flag
Default shortcut
Introduced in version
See also
Arch IfcExplorer, Arch IFC


This tool turns the IfcBrep flag of a selected Arch object on/off (the default is always off). If the flag in on, when exported to IFC, the object will be exported as an IfcFacetedBrep object, even if a higher-level kind of export such as IfcExtrudedAreaSolid or IfcBooleanResult is possible. Although IfcFacetedBrep objects are heavier and less editable (they loose some geometry information such as the modeling history), they are often less error-prone. Setting this flag allows to solve some cases of objects that are not exported correctly when the flag is not set.

How to use

  1. Select an Arch object.
  2. Select menu Arch → Utilities → Arch ToggleIfcBrepFlag.svg Toggle IfcBrepFlag.