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Arch Space.png Arch Space

Menu location
Arch → Space
Default shortcut
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The Space tool allows you to define an empty volume, either by basing it on a solid shape, or by defining its boundaries, or a mix of both. If it is based solely on boundaries, the volume is calculated by starting from the bounding box of all the given boundaries, and subtracting the spaces behind each boundary. The space object always defines a solid volume. The floor area of a space object, calculated by intersecting a horizontal plane at the center of mass of the space volume, can also be displayed, by setting the display mode of the space object to "detailed".

Arch Space example.jpg

In the above image, a space object is created from an existing solid object, then two wall faces are added as boundaries, and the display mode is set to "detailed" to show the floor area.

How to use

  1. Select an existing solid object, or faces on boundary objects
  2. Press the Arch Space.png Arch Space button, or press S, P keys


  • DATABase: The base object, if any (must be a solid)
  • DATABoundaries: A list of optional boundary elements


The space tool can be used in python scripts and macros by using the following function:

  • Creates a space object from the given objects.
  • Objects can be one document object, in which case it becomes the base shape of the space object, or a list of selection objects as returned by FreeCADGui.Selection.getSelectionEx(), or a list of tuples (object, subobjectname).
  • Returns the newly created space object.


import FreeCAD, Arch, Part
b = Part.makeBox(2,2,2)
sp = makeSpace([FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Box]) 

After a space object is created, selected faces can be added to it with the following function:

import FreeCADGui
Arch.addSpaceBoundaries(sp, FreeCADGui.Selection.getSelectionEx()) 

Boundaries can also be removed with:

Arch.removeSpaceBoundaries(sp, FreeCADGui.Selection.getSelectionEx()) 


  • Not available below FreeCAD version 0.14
  • The boundaries properties is currently not editable via GUI
  • See the forum announcement