Icone di Architettura

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Arch Wall Modulo Architettura

Wall Parete

[[Image:Arch Wall.png|32px|Wall|link=Arch Wall/it]] [[Arch Wall/it|Parete]]

Arch Structure Struttura

[[Image:Arch Structure.png|32px|Arch Structure|link=Arch Structure/it]] [[Arch Structure/it|Struttura]]

Arch Rebar Arch Rebar

[[Image:Arch Rebar.png|32px|Arch Rebar|link=Arch Rebar]] [[Arch Rebar|Arch Rebar]]

Arch Floor Piano

[[Image:Arch Floor.png|32px|Arch Floor|link=Arch Floor/it]] [[Arch Floor/it|Piano]]

Arch Building Edificio

[[Image:Arch Building.png|32px|Arch Building|link=Arch Building/it]] [[Arch Building/it|Edificio]]

Arch Site Sito

[[Image:Arch Site.png|32px|Arch Site|link=Arch Site/it]] [[Arch Site/it|Sito]]

Arch Window Finestra

[[Image:Arch Window.png|32px|Arch Window|link=Arch Window/it]] [[Arch Window/it|Finestra]]

Arch SectionPlane Piano di sezione

[[Image:Arch SectionPlane.png|32px|Arch SectionPlane|link=Arch SectionPlane/it]] [[Arch SectionPlane/it|Piano di sezione]]

Arch Axis Asse

[[Image:Arch Axis.png|32px|Arch Axis|link=Arch Axis/it]] [[Arch Axis/it|Asse]]

Arch Roof Tetto

[[Image:Arch Roof.png|32px|Arch Roof|link=Arch Roof/it]] [[Arch Roof/it|Tetto]]

Arch Space Arch Space

[[Image:Arch Space.png|32px|Arch Space|link=Arch Space]] [[Arch Space|Arch Space]]

Arch Stairs Arch Stairs

[[Image:Arch Stairs.png|32px|Arch Stairs|link=Arch Stairs]] [[Arch Stairs|Arch Stairs]]

Arch Panel Arch Panel

[[Image:Arch Panel.png|32px|Arch Panel|link=Arch Panel]] [[Arch Panel|Arch Panel]]

Arch Equipment Arch Equipment

[[Image:Arch Equipment.png|32px|Arch Equipment|link=Arch Equipment]] [[Arch Equipment|Arch Equipment]]

Arch Frame Arch Frame

[[Image:Arch Frame.png|32px|Arch Frame|link=Arch Frame]] [[Arch Frame|Arch Frame]]

Arch SetMaterial Arch SetMaterial

[[Image:Arch SetMaterial.png|32px|Arch SetMaterial|link=Arch SetMaterial]] [[Arch SetMaterial|Arch SetMaterial]]

Arch Schedule Arch Schedule

[[Image:Arch Schedule.png|32px|Arch Schedule|link=Arch Schedule]] [[Arch Schedule|Arch Schedule]]

Arch CutPlane Arch CutPlane

[[Image:Arch CutPlane.png|32px|Arch CutPlane|link=Arch CutPlane]] [[Arch CutPlane|Arch CutPlane]]

Arch Add Aggiungi componente

[[Image:Arch Add.png|32px|Arch Add|link=Arch Add/it]] [[Arch Add/it|Aggiungi componente]]

Arch Remove Rimuovi componente

[[Image:Arch Remove.png|32px|Arch Remove|link=Arch Remove/it]] [[ Arch Remove/it|Rimuovi componente]]

Strumenti di modifica di Architettura

Arch SplitMesh Dividi Mesh

[[Image:Arch SplitMesh.png|32px|Arch SplitMesh|link=Arch SplitMesh/it]] [[Arch SplitMesh/it|Dividi Mesh]]

Arch MeshToShape Da Mesh a Forma

[[Image:Arch MeshToShape.png|32px|Arch MeshToShape|link=Arch MeshToShape/it]] [[Arch MeshToShape/it|Da Mesh a Forma]]

Arch RemoveShape Rimuovi forma

[[Image:Arch RemoveShape.png|32px|Arch RemoveShape|link=Arch RemoveShape/it]] [[Arch RemoveShape/it|Rimuovi forma]]

Arch SelectNonSolidMeshes Seleziona le mesh non manifold

[[Image:Arch SelectNonSolidMeshes.png|32px|Arch SelectNonSolidMeshes|link=Arch SelectNonSolidMeshes/it]] [[Arch SelectNonSolidMeshes/it|Seleziona le mesh non manifold]]

Arch CloseHoles Chiudi fori

[[Image:Arch CloseHoles.png|32px|Arch CloseHoles|link=Arch CloseHoles/it]] [[Arch CloseHoles/it|Chiudi fori]]

Arch Check Controlla

[[Image:Arch Check.png|32px|Arch Check|link=Arch Check/it]] [[Arch Check/it|Controlla]]

Arch Cell Cella

[[Image:Arch Cell.png|32px|Arch Cell|link=Arch Cell/it]] [[Arch Cell/it|Cella]]