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Arch Check.svg Arch Check

Расположение в меню
Архитектура → Утилиты → Проверь
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Этот инструмент проверяет текущий документ или выбранные объекты для объектов с твердым объектом Part или Arch, что может вызвать проблемы, поскольку большинство операций модуля Arch требуют твердых объектов.


  1. # Нажмите кнопку Arch Check.png Checkв меню Arch → Utilities menu


This tool can be used in macros and from the Python console by using the following function:

list_bad = check(objectslist, includehidden=False)
  • Checks if the given objects in objectslist contain only solids.
  • If includehidden is True it will include all hidden objects, otherwise it will omit them from the search.
  • Returns list_bad, a list with the objects that are not derived from a Part::Feature, or components that are not closed, not valid, don't contain solids, or that contain faces that are not part of any solid. This is used to detect Arch or Draft wires and profiles that aren't solids.
    • Each element in list_bad is another list [object, message], where object is the detected non-solid, and message indicates the reason why it was included in this list.


import FreeCAD, Draft, Arch

p1 = FreeCAD.Vector(0, 0, 0)
p2 = FreeCAD.Vector(2000, 0, 0)
baseline = Draft.makeLine(p1, p2)
Wall1 = Arch.makeWall(baseline, length=None, width=150, height=2000)

Wall2 = Arch.makeWall(None, length=2000, width=200, height=1000)

Circle = Draft.makeCircle(450)
Wire = Draft.makeWire([FreeCAD.Vector(1000, 0, 0), FreeCAD.Vector(1500, 1000, 0), FreeCAD.Vector(2500, -1000, 0)])

list_bad = Arch.check([Wall1, Wall2, Circle, Wire], includehidden=True)
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