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0000878SketcherBugpublic2013-06-29 15:23
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.14 
Summary0000878: Sketcher: Ctrl-right mouse button moves the sketch, but after releasing the button the right-click menu pops up
DescriptionI open any sketch. Then I do Ctrl-right mouse button (keep it pressed down) and move the sketch. As soon as I release the mouse button, the context menu pops up, just as if I had done a right-click.

Additional InformationCurrent master version, Ubuntu 12.04, OCE

P.S. Why can't I choose version 0.13 in this bug tracker?
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2012-11-15 17:59

administrator   ~0002529

You cant choose 0.13 bacause its not released....

And I can not reproduce this bug!?
What mouse model you are using?


2012-11-16 03:20

developer   ~0002536

Lenovo R52 built-in trackpoint


2012-11-16 09:29

administrator   ~0002539

It only happens with CAD navigation style


2013-06-29 15:23

administrator   ~0003297

I don't know by which commit it has been fixed. But it works now.

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