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0004116FreeCADBugpublic2019-10-21 15:20
ReporterOnearm Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformfreeCAD 18.0OSManjaro Gnome OS Version17
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004116: Icons on page massive and take up 80% of the work area
DescriptionI am completely new to FreeCAD, so find this very frustrating. The icons a huge and I cannot find where to change them
I am running an HP Pavilion with 8 Gig RAM, Radeon 5 2T hard drive.
Could it be a conflict as Nvidia display adapter is also installed
Steps To ReproduceNew file page
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2019-09-06 00:17



2019-09-06 00:21

reporter   ~0013549

This is a better shot


2019-09-06 08:48

developer   ~0013551

@Onearm : please go according the preferred workflow (big yellow box on top of the page) and especially first open a topic in the forum to get help from community and eventually confirm if there is a bug here or not (and if it's a FreeCAD one). ;)


2019-10-20 15:14

administrator   ~0013770

@Onearm what does you Preferences > General > General > Size of toolbar icons


2019-10-20 16:20

reporter   ~0013773

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Thanks Kunda1 for getting back to me. I wasted so much time with the issue I gave up and changed to Cinnamon, where the FreeCad installation made the system crash. So I am looking for alternative CAD packages.
The response I got from openBrain was in my view a waste of time, as Aussies say, 'as useless as tits on a bull'. If people are so up themselves, rather don't bother commenting! Bear in mind you were a beginner once too.


2019-10-20 16:40

developer   ~0013774

@Onearm : could you point to the forum topic you opened for this problem ?


2019-10-21 00:09

administrator   ~0013776

@Onearm well to our credit and openBrain's defense, we do have a ginormous banner at the top of the page orienting people on what the most optimal action they should take to get their issue addressed, and that is for users to open forum thread.

FreeCAD has a very active community and very long release cycle, many issues are fixed in the development versions. Also, because of the many dependencies that FC has, it's best to either use an distro that has it's package repository up to date or use the AppImage. Even Manjaro (my favorite distro), an Arch derivative, doesn't have a solid stable FreeCAD version due to some dependency SNAFUs. There is also no legit 0.19dev version (which i would recommend to use instead of 0.18.x). But if you've moved on, then you've moved on. c'est la vie


2019-10-21 00:10

reporter   ~0013777

I usually use the word please before a request!


2019-10-21 03:33

reporter   ~0013778

Hi Kunda1, yes, I tried release 0.18.xx and that is what caused the crash. I tried installing with AppImage as well as Snapd both problematic
It may be worth while listing the distros that FreeCad does works on, so simple people like me, can see what to use and what not to use. This would save a lot of frustration for us new comers.You would be in a good position to do this, as you would soon see which distro is giving you he most 'grief'. So my question would be, which is the best distro for FreeCad?
While ditching Windows and trying to come to grips with basic Linux at this stage of life is difficult enough, because many of us have not done any coding or scripting for many years other than very simple DOS 30 years ago, having issues like this is a big turn-off. Getting rude and unhelpful responses adds to that.
Yes, you do have a big yellow box at the top, however it could be put in a better way. Because you do not record every move you make while trying to get something up and running, it is very difficult to retrace your steps.
Thanks for your help!


2019-10-21 14:51

developer   ~0013780

@Onearm : when we talk about forum, it's FreeCAD forum. ;) You'd probably get more valuable answers there.
Listing working distros isn't so simple. For example (IIRC), @Kunda1 also uses Manjaro w/o any problem. I myself use Kubuntu if you want to give it a try.
Notice that I used 'please' on my 1st note, then as in a discussion it doesn't seem mandatory to me. Also 'could' looks to me as some kind of politeness. And finally please remember that not everybody here is a native english speaker. ;)


2019-10-21 15:20

reporter   ~0013782

Thanks openBrain, I have just been searching the forum but didn't find anything of use.
I find it hard enough getting familiar with Manjaro Cinnamon, Gnome gave a lot of problems so ditched that. Don't want to keep hopping around as it is too time consuming, so would like to find one that works for sure and stick with it to learn the rest. Cheers.

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