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0004082TechDraw[FreeCAD] Bugpublic2019-10-29 17:42
Reporterwandererfan Assigned Towandererfan  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version[FreeCAD] 0.19 
Target Version[FreeCAD] 0.19Fixed in Version 
Summary0004082: TD Fails to Display Section of Assembly
DescriptionForum Discussion

TD displays incorrect results and error messages when trying to make Section view of Assembly file from A2Plus(?).

The assembly pieces are combined into a Compound before Section and Projection processing. The Compound is invalid (Part.CheckGeometry) due to many self intersection errors. The individual pieces pass CheckGeometry.
Additional InformationAssembly file is attached. Original FCStd files for pieces have been requested.
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2019-08-08 12:35


screwjack_assmbly_sectionViewCrash.FCStd (110,302 bytes)


2019-08-08 12:38

manager   ~0013403

Still would like the original files for the assembly pieces.


2019-08-08 12:39

manager   ~0013404

Could a mod please change Project to TechDraw? Thanks.


2019-10-29 17:42

manager   ~0013794

Component "Nut" in the example file has multiple geometric problems when projected or when used in Boolean ops.

I can't tell if the problems are introduced in the assembly process or are there from the original file.

If "nut" is removed from the assembly the section operation works much better, but there is still a problem with the "Spindle" component.

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