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0003967PartDesignBugpublic2019-05-13 16:44
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Product Version0.18 
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Summary0003967: Datum plane yaw setting is ignored
DescriptionThe datum plane yaw setting is ignored if the pitch angle is >= 90°.

Attached is a simple FC file. It contains 2 datum planes.
- edit plane 2 and set its yaw angle to -10°

result: In the preview it looks perfect - both planes are parallel
But when I click OK to finish the editing, the plane yaw angle is reset to 0°, so the change was in fact ignored.

- now set the yaw to -10° and pitch to 89°

result: this works

- now set the yaw to -10° and pitch to 91°

result: you end up with pitch set to 89° and yaw 180°

So in fact the angle setting for datum planes seems to be broken.
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Confirmed by DeepSOIC
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2019-05-12 21:36


Datum-Plane-Bug.FCStd (8,503 bytes)

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